August 4, 2021

Aladtec Integrates With ESO Fire Incidents

Aladtec Integrates With ESO Fire Incidents

Integrate Aladtec with ESO Fire Incidents and remove the hassle of adding roster details in two places. With the roster details fed and the dispatch information, ESO will autofill personnel on NFIRS reports for faster completion.

After the ESO Fire Incidents integration is enabled, Aladtec will seamlessly send schedule information to ESO for yesterday, today, and up to five days in the future. Aladtec will ensure the schedule information is synchronized with ESO Fire Incidents roster information approximately every fifteen minutes, which includes changes to Aladtec schedules, such as trades, time off, and sign-ups.

It is easy to enable the ESO Fire Incidents integration:

  1. Contact Aladtec ( or 888.749.5550) to activate the integration.
  2. Request an API Key from ESO.
  3. In Aladtec – Setup – Integrations, select ESO, then Enable.
  4. Enter the API Key from ESO to authenticate the integration, as seen below.

Once the ESO Fire Incidents account information is authenticated, ESO Fire Incidents data can be matched to Aladtec data, as described below.

ESO Fire Incidents Employee IDs can be entered to match each Aladtec Member, who are automatically listed (shown below). If a member’s schedule information does not need to be fed to ESO Fire Incidents, simply leave the ESO Fire Incidents Employee ID blank.

ESO Fire Incidents Vehicle names can be entered, similar to ESO Fire Incident Employee IDs, for each Aladtec Schedule. Multiple Vehicle names can be entered for an Aladtec Schedule if the members on one schedule need to be fed to multiple ESO Fire Incident Vehicles. See below for an example.

Each Aladtec Shift Label can have an ESO Fire Incidents Shift ID entered, see the example below.

The days fed include yesterday, today, and a select number of days (up to five) in the future as shown below.

After the data is matched between Aladtec and ESO, and the number of days to feed in the future is selected, save the matches and start the integration, see below. Options to temporarily stop the integration or permanently disable the integration are provided as well.

For questions or additional help with the ESO Fire Incidents integration, please contact the Support Team at or 888.749.5550. For questions or additional help with ESO Fire Incidents, please reach out to ESO. As always, thank you for using Aladtec!

~ Your Aladtec Team