April 13, 2012

Employee Scheduling Tool That’s Keeping up With the Times


As society progresses, we demand a better and more efficient employee scheduling tool to complete our business tasks. Shifts like the new tablet era are making big changes to our lifestyle and our world.

For example, New York City is looking to update their payphones and replace them with 32-inch tablets that are waterproof, dust-proof and regularly cleaned. The city plans to release these “smart screens” with Internet access next month inside 250 old phone booths throughout the city. The free touch-screen technology will provide users with local information, nearby restaurant information, retail details and more – all in multiple languages.

Meanwhile, a recent Forrester study has shown that the introduction of the tablet into our lives has decreased our use of most devices significantly. Laptop usage has decreased, 35%; print books usage has decreased 32%; desktop computer usage has decreased 30% – just to name a few.

However, online video usage has increased by 20%. This is somewhat reflective of how “tuned in” we are with the Internet, and shows how tablet ownership is changing the amount of time people spend with different devices and media resources.

Our need to stay tuned in to the online world and our dependence on up-to-date electronic technology is rapidly increasing. Applying that to our everyday workforce management, and you see our daily need for online employee scheduling tools.

The mechanical time clock was invented in 1888, and since then, companies have used a wide variety of tools and updated technologies to refine this process.

While there are companies that use traditional time clocks, in today’s world, the most effective time clocks have evolved to necessitate Internet access, on top or our constant demand for timeliness, accuracy, and ease of use in every aspect of a business. This concept drives our need for effective workforce management tools.

With the extensive workforce management tools available today, there are no excuses for inaccurate business reports, time card calculations or payroll process.

Humanity offers an intuitive and easy-to-use workforce management software application that solves your business problems. The application is easily accessible from any electronic device with wi-fi capabilities, and at any time. You can access our application on your tablet device.

Make sure you are keeping up with society as it becomes more and more dependent on online resources, and make the change to our web-based employee scheduling tool.

Happy Scheduling!