July 10, 2012

What Do Employees See When They Use Humanity’s Workforce Management Application?


Humanity offers flexible permission handling in our workforce management and staff scheduling application. Our four staff permission levels give managers the opportunity to allocate responsibilities to their staff and control exactly what employees can see and do with the Humanity application. When you access a staff member’s profile, you can click ‘Permissions’ and allocate a specific staff permission level to that employee from the dropdown menu.

So, what do your employees see when they log in? Users of the staff permission level have access to a lot of our application: the Dashboard, Schedule, Time Clock, Requests, Staff and Requests tab. They do not have access to the Admin tab, which is reserved for managers.

They do not have the exact same view as administrators and management staff, which is dependent upon the settings you choose. We give you the ability to control what your employees can use and see and set your own limitations.

Under the ‘Admin’ tab, click on ‘Account Settings’. Here, you can scroll down to the ‘Staff Settings’ section where you will see the list below.

You can turn features on and off by marking (or unmarking) the associated checkboxes. You can turn the ‘Training’ module on or off, allow them to download training topics, view reports, edit their profiles, view other employee’s profiles in the staff gallery, send private messages to one another via the inbox and view who is clocked into a shift at any given time.

Our client-friendly ‘Ask The Wizard’ hopes you find this useful and that you check out our video (below) to learn more!