November 24, 2020

COVID-Friendly Ways to Show Appreciation for Essential Workers this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving will look quite different to most of us this year as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise and the CDC recommends people celebrate only with immediate family members. But for the men and women who work in healthcare and public safety, sacrificing time with family and friends is nothing new. The difference for them this year is the intensified risk and instability they face during the pandemic.

Healthcare and public safety managers would like nothing more than to give their hard-working employees a well-deserved day off, but everyone knows all too well how much they are needed on the front lines. There are, however, COVID-friendly ways administrators can show officers, nurses, and staff that they are appreciated, and to make their Thanksgiving a little brighter.

Plan a “Grab and Go” Potluck
Bonding over food is a holiday tradition, but it isn’t conducive to social distancing. Luckily, many catering companies have recognized this and offer individually portioned meals. Order Thanksgiving-themed pre-portioned lunches which include items such as turkey sandwiches, fresh fruit, dried cranberries, and pumpkin bars.

Express Gratitude in Writing
Everyone deserves to hear how appreciated they are – especially the men and women who risk their safety each day to help others. Consider asking department managers or supervisors to handwrite notes to their direct reports. The personalized cards should recognize specific ways each employee contributes to the betterment of the team.

Promote Mental Wellness
Even though they can’t all have the day off, every employee deserves a break. Hire massage therapists or manicurists who take all necessary COVID precautions to provide mini sessions for employees. For those who would prefer a no-contact experience, assemble self-care kits, which could include items such as stress balls, chocolates, scented oils, or massage rollers.

Be Accommodating
A smooth process for managing schedule requests means more employees get time off when they need it. Employee scheduling software allows employees to submit time-off, cover, and swap requests, and managers can immediately see whether the request conflicts with other shifts. Employees appreciate the flexibility a staff scheduling app gives them, and managers with a powerful employee scheduling software have peace of mind knowing every shift is covered.

Law enforcement and healthcare workers and administrators are facing unprecedented times this holiday season. Learn how ScheduleAnywhere employee scheduling software streamlines scheduling and improves communication to help them navigate through these new challenges.

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