January 29, 2013

Easily and Accurately Manage Employee Vacations with Humanity’s New “Deduct Weekends” Feature


Employee vacation times are an essential factor in a manager’s preparation and creation of a schedule that works for all staff. Humanity streamlines the scheduling process by allowing employees to set their availability times, submit vacation requests and have it approved (or rejected) by management. With this new feature release, our application has a more sophisticated understanding of employee vacation scheduling, allowing certain days to be set as “weekends” and be deducted from the count.

Under the ‘Admin’ tab, click on ‘Account Settings’ on the left sidebar and scroll down to ‘Vacation/Availability Settings’.


Deduct weekends from vacations count—*NEW*

With this new feature, managers are able to select certain days to be marked as “weekends”. Once these days are selected, it will be deducted from the weekly employee vacation count. For example, if your business does not count weekends toward employee vacation time, select ‘Sunday’ and ‘Saturday’ in this field. If an employee requested vacation time from Thursday to Monday, their vacation count will only be counted as 3 days.

We hope this new feature benefits you and your staff to make employee vacation scheduling effective, allowing you to set and separate business “weekend” days from employee vacation days. Please feel free to let us know of any feedback, questions or concerns in the comments below or by emailing Keep updated with our new feature releases by following us on Twitter, @HumanityApp.

Happy Scheduling!

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