February 3, 2021

Healthcare Staff Scheduling Expert Helps Administrators Simplify Staff Scheduling


If you ask Pam Kinslow why she loves her job, she will tell you it is not only because she’s passionate about the software she sells, she’s also passionate about the customers who use it. Pam has been an account executive at Atlas Business Solutions for over seven years, and she is an expert on the company’s flagship product, ScheduleAnywhere staff scheduling software.

Pam’s focus is on the healthcare industry, and every day she works directly with healthcare administrators. She sees firsthand the staff scheduling challenges they face and understands their specific scheduling requirements.

Read how Pam’s healthcare scheduling experience allows her to help administrators overcome their scheduling challenges, maintain compliance, and improve communication.

Can you tell me a little about ScheduleAnywhere and why it works well for the healthcare industry?

ScheduleAnywhere is employee scheduling software that gives administrators and staff anytime, anywhere access to real-time schedules. It is ideal for organizations that operate 24/7 and require proper shift coverage, which is one of the reasons it’s a perfect fit for the healthcare industry.

What types of healthcare facilities use ScheduleAnywhere?

From small, family-owned pharmacies to the largest healthcare system in the state, I have customers from almost every type of healthcare facility you can think of. ScheduleAnywhere works well no matter the size of the facility, or how they schedule their staff.

How do healthcare administrators know whether their facility would benefit from using staff scheduling software?

When nurse managers and supervisors reach out to me, it is typically because they are frustrated with their current scheduling system. I start by asking them how they presently schedule employees and about some of the challenges they are experiencing. We then talk through the software’s capabilities and how it can alleviate those pain points. In most cases, their facility will see immediate time and cost savings. Often times, I get them started on a free trial so they can see how the software meets their facility’s unique scheduling requirements.

You mentioned that administrators come to you because they are frustrated with their current scheduling system. What are some of the common issues they have?

When they are using paper schedules or spreadsheets, accessibility is the most common frustration. They are looking for a way to give everyone access to real-time schedule information and communicate schedule changes as they occur. Ensuring proper shift coverage and filling open shifts are also frustrating and time consuming for managers who must do these tasks manually. They get pretty excited when we start walking through the software and I can show them exactly how our system solves those challenges.

What feedback have you gotten from administrators after they’ve implemented employee scheduling software?

Managers and supervisors appreciate the accessibility the mobile app provides them and their staff members. They are often surprised at how easy the software is to navigate and  how significantly it reduces the amount of time they spend on scheduling. A feature they often comment on is coverage watches. Having a system in place that automatically calculates staff coverage and alerts them of any issues is a huge benefit and helps ensure compliance. They can also review total hours scheduled, which helps them reduce overtime costs.

What advice would you give healthcare administrators who are trying to determine which employee scheduling system is right for their facility?

Healthcare facilities operate around the clock, so an employee scheduling system with tools designed for 24/7 staffing is essential. Whether they staff employees based on shift requirements, census count or by patient acuity, the scheduling solution they use should be customizable to perform the specific calculations required to ensure proper shift coverage. Communication is also critical, so they should look for software that allows managers to instantly communicate with staff. Because I focus solely on healthcare, I understand their specific scheduling requirements and challenges. I can look at a facility’s current schedule and determine exactly how our software will most effectively help simplify their process.

Are you ready to streamline scheduling and improve communication for your healthcare facility? Contact Pam today and learn how ScheduleAnywhere will save you time and money.

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