July 2, 2016

How Manufacturing Employee Scheduling Software Can Help Your Business Succeed


Manufacturers today must reign in labor expenses in order to maintain economic feasibility in an increasingly competitive global market. Although most manufacturers have adapted automation when it comes to human resources and payroll management, it is surprising how many plants and facilities have yet to bring their shift scheduling management out of the dark ages.

Whether you manage a manufacturing plant, factory, production unit, mill, or other type of manufacturing company, one thing is certain: manual approaches to scheduling staff are not only huge time sinks, they leave manufacturers vulnerable to costly mistakes that undermine your company’s profitability and operations.

Increasingly competitive global markets make it more important than ever for manufacturing companies to reign in labor expenses. Whether you run a manufacturing plant, factory, production unit, or mill, using outdated approaches to shift scheduling increase the likelihood of costly mistakes that negatively impact your bottom line.

Ease the burden associated with employee shift scheduling software.

Humanity is a powerful, yet intuitive staff scheduling solution designed to conform to the unique needs of the manufacturing industry. Sign up for a free trial version of Humanity today and start saving time and money.

Addressing Your Special Scheduling Demands with Manufacturing Employee Scheduling Software

Using employee scheduling software can help managers in fast food restaurants schedule their staff more easily by providing the following advantages:

  • Automate shift scheduling for every employee, quickly and efficiently.
  • Streamline employee rotations seamlessly.
  • Automate vacation scheduling.
  • Incorporate overtime regulations.
  • Import infinite employees and Schedules via .csv or .xls files
  • View scheduled and confirmed hours for each and every employee in multiple batches.
  • Set up a separate schedule for trainees.
  • Easily create separate schedules for every sector.
  • Offer individual schedule management options for team leaders.
  • Allow sector managers to oversee and control the trades, vacations, open shifts, etc.
  • SMS notification system makes scheduling fast and easy.

Humanity’s staff portal offers remote access for staff members to access and view their work schedules, request shift changes, swap shifts, review time cards, change availability and receive daily schedule alerts via text messages or email. Humanity handles an unlimited number of staff members to cover every position and every shift.

Every staff member learns of their schedule electronically and can access their schedule online from any computer, leaving no room for error. Supervisors can easily schedule their shift teams and notify them without worrying about tracking down phone numbers or requiring employees to come in on off hours to collect their schedules. Humanity has made gym staff scheduling easy and efficient.

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Additional Benefits of Using Manufacturing Employee Scheduling Software

The manufacturing industry is a fast-paced one that requires a high level of management and processes in order to function properly. Investing in employee scheduling software to streamline your scheduling and time tracking process can help you achieve success in the fast food industry in the following ways:

  • Improve customer service by keeping adequate staff working at all times.
  • End unnecessary overtime costs.
  • Reduce employee turnover by scheduling around each staff member’s individual shift preferences.
  • Reduce unauthorized absences.
  • Comply with Union and Health & Safety laws through scheduling.
  • Confirms employees are arriving on time for their shifts.
  • Managers can take advantage of Humanity’s “Who’s On Now” feature to see who is on the job at any given moment, or its “ping” feature to notify them automatically when employees arrive late or leave early.

Humanity’s totally customizable software has powerful tools that integrate union regulations and labor laws into scheduling, reducing or eliminating any margin of error. Humanity is engineered to adapt to and implement updates and changes in regulatory rules as they arise without replacing software or disrupting business as usual.

Even when a manufacturer juggles the regulations of multiple unions within its workforce, Humanity incorporates all specific rules into the workforce scheduling software, making shift scheduling easy, streamlined and cost-effective. Best of all, it’s very easy to set up Humanity online software without any interruption to your schedule work.

Smarter and Easier Scheduling

  • Save time
    Handle all aspects of shift scheduling with one tool.
  • Save money
    Avoid unauthorized overtime & see actual time worked down to the minute.
  • Convenient
    View scheduled and confirmed hours for each employee in multiple batches.

Greater Operational Efficiency

  • Streamlined scheduling
    Automated shift scheduling and employee rotations
  • Improved employee retention
    Automatically schedule around each employee’s shift preferences.
  • Improved productivity
    Ensure qualified and adequate staff is working at all times.

Better Compliance

  • Automatic notification
    Send text and email reminders that reduce unauthorized absences.
  • Accessible 24/7
    Employees can access their schedules online from any computer at any time.
  • Integrate regulations
    Automatically update and implement union rules and health and safety laws.