November 20, 2012

Humanity Can Help Calm Your Retail Business Chaos This Thanksgiving Weekend


Thanksgiving is coming and what happens after is more than just food coma from that big turkey you had for dinner! Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are buzzing all over the internet (and via snail mail very soon). Just imagine the chaotic sea of people the stores offering these deals are about to face! Now, there is another day to add to your post-Thanksgiving deal-scooping shopping and that is the third annual Small Business Saturday, founded by American Express.

34% of small business owners say it is “the most important shopping day of the holiday season” compared to 24% for Black Friday and 14% for Cyber Monday (37% said all days were equally important) .

With customers speed-walking between aisles to make sure they have their hands on the best products, store associates, cashiers, and managers are kept busy providing service and assistance to each and every customer and with barely any time to breathe in between. With holiday shoppers in mind, 28% of small businesses plan to have more employees working on Small Business Saturday than any other normal work day .

With the increased number of customers and in-store staff during the post-Thanksgiving weekend, don’t let workforce scheduling be part of the chaos! With Humanity’s intuitive staff scheduling software, it is easy to use and great for multi-location retail businesses. Is your staff ready to tackle Thanksgiving weekend? We hope so!

Happy Scheduling!