May 14, 2013

Humanity’s Improved Break Button In Time Clock System Gives More Visibility Into Employee Breaks


Employee break rules is one of the most important features in Humanity’s time clock system. It gives managers/administrators flexibility to set break rules according to various shift patterns. Exact calculation of employee breaks is important as it is directly related to their payroll calculations and that is why break button feature is present from the beginning in our time clock system.

We wanted to give more visibility to both managers and employees into employee breaks so we extended the break button feature to show the break time on time clock terminals.

Where can you find this feature and how it works?

Once user/employee clocks in through time clock terminal, he/she can see ‘break button’ left to the ‘Clock out button’ as seen in the image below.

Employee breaks can be easily taken just by clicking on ‘break button’. Once the break is over they can click on ‘Continue Shift’.

One can see the break start/end time at the bottom.

Important Note: This break will be unpaid by default unless managers/administrators have set paid break rules. You can find more information related to setting break rules here.

This improved visibility in employee breaks will surely help to avoid timesheet conflicts as well as help you improve productivity. As usual, feel free to add your thoughts/comments below. You can also send your questions to or tweet us @Humanity.


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