July 6, 2012

Humanity’s New Pre-Clock In Feature Lets Staff Communicate Better with Managers


Under the ‘Time Clock’ the ’Pre-clock In’ feature enables staff to clock-in with the pre-clock giving you, as a manager, the heads up that they are on their way and have left for their shift. This is particularly useful for critical services such as nurses and emergency-related industries.

There are two settings for this feature which are controlled under the ‘Admin’ tab. Click on ‘Account Settings’ and under the ‘Time Clock Settings’ subheading, you can mark the checkbox next to ‘Enable pre-clock in option’ and/or ‘Pre-clock in is required before clock in’ to turn either (or both) features on.

Once a staff member clicks ‘I’m on my way’, it will show them as ‘You are on your way since’ and then the time that they pre-clocked in at.

In the ‘Time Clock’ tab and under the ‘Management’ subheading, you can see a new tab, ‘On Their Way’. When you click on it, you will see a list of all your employees that have pre-clocked in, along with the date and time that the did so.

Once the employee has arrived and clicks the regular ‘Clock In’ button, they will disappear from the ‘On Their Way’ list.

The Humanity team hopes that you find this added feature as exciting as we do. You can keep an even better check on where your employees are and make sure that they know they are scheduled for a shift.