July 30, 2012

Humanity’s Online Application is Being Used To Schedule Hundreds Of Volunteers For The London Olympic Games


Humanity is honored to be part of the 2012 London Olympics! Our robust and adaptable software solution is going to be used to help schedule hundreds of volunteers over the next few weeks.

Joining the thousands of athletes, coaches and supporters coming in from all over the world, volunteers pour into the host city every Olympic Games to help make the event run seamlessly and smoothly. Coordinating volunteer schedules is no easy task, especially for the biggest sporting event of the year. The Humanity team is delighted to be involved in such a spectacular and exciting event. Our application is available in 30+ languages, an ideal feature for a cultural and worldwide event like the Olympics!

From the Olympic Park to the athletes’ village to the ticket booths, the help desks, control rooms and more – we are going be there. Our integrated and multilingual application is already being used to train and schedule volunteers, automatically calculate payroll data, and serves as an efficient communication line between management staff and volunteers. Humanity is going to be scheduling volunteers in every aspect of the Games.

Coordinating volunteers’ availability and consequential shift trading and schedule conflicts is a daunting task for even the most organized managers. From our ‘Dashboard’, volunteer managers will immediately see if they have any unread private messages, shift trades to approve, shift requests to address, or if anyone shared any information on the public Message Wall.

Similarly, in the scheduler, all schedule conflicts are extremely visible, with a red outline around shifts with a conflict. This means that no conflicts will be overlooked, and can be resolved as soon as they occur. Being able to work in real-time and with accurate data, immediately available, is crucial during the hectic two weeks of the Games.

Additionally, approving shifts, shift trades, and other requests is easy, fast and accurate. When a volunteer needs to submit a shift trade request, they have to indicate the reason why they require a shift trade. Managers can then keep track of who is doing what, and where, which allows them to stay in the loop and in control at all times. This feature is particularly useful in cases like the Olympics where management staff is coordinating hundreds of volunteers with dynamic schedules, in an extremely fast-paced environment.

For example, a volunteer may need to trade one shift because it falls on a Sunday when he/she is committed to going to church, or a volunteer might acquire last minute tickets to an event. A manager for the Olympic volunteers, will see the reason, see the date, time and location of the assigned shift and also the potential volunteers that can accept and cover the shift.

Furthermore, Humanity’s detailed and accurate reports work in real-time so that managers can quickly and efficiently review their schedule and where they may be over or understaffed.

The Humanity team is excited for the Games to get underway, and extremely honored to be a part of a worldwide event full of pride and emotion. Best of luck to all the athletes!