June 17, 2013

Humanity’s Online Scheduling Application Has Made It Easy For Plainfield Public Library to Manage Distributed Staff


Plainfield Public Library is the award-winning library serving Plainfield’s residential, educational, and business communities through a central 45,000sq. feet facility that is open six days and four evenings a week. Through inter-local agreements, the Library also serves residents of many neighboring towns.

The library has 40 full-time employees and more than 50 volunteers. The staff is distributed over a number of departments. The primary issues faced by the library were, managing this staff effectively which is distributed over various departments and keeping staff updated with availability of everybody on the team. Before Humanity every department had its own schedule. Some departments used Excel, others Word, and others did handwritten schedules.

Now with Humanity’s online scheduling application, all the scheduling activities can be done on a centralized platform. Each and Every staff member has an updated schedule for the whole library. Staff can easily see the availability of other staff members and trade shifts without any manual intervention or supervision. They can access schedules from any place using any internet-enabled device. When asked about Humanity, Tina Marie Doody, Head of Public Services said,

The best thing for us is that staff can independently check their schedules wherever they happen to be. Staff can use their phones, home computers, or work/public computer stations to be aware of what desk they are working on at any given time. The ability to manage notifications is also key. Mainly the fact that no matter where I am I can pull up the schedule and solve any issues that may arise.

After switching to Humanity it has really become convenient for Plainfield Public Library to manage their schedule. Humanity team is really happy that our application is helping the library run efficiently and the staff is up to date with self-scheduling.