June 20, 2012

Is Your Business Ready For The Summer Solstice? Humanity’s Business Management App Will Help!


Today marks the the 2012 summer solstice and the longest day of the year. With daylight hours slowly extending, cities are busier as people attempt to make the most of each day. For many businesses, being appropriately staffed is crucial to providing adequate service or keeping up with demands. As days have gotten longer, businesses may experience more traffic and higher demands for the goods and services they offer. And as the weather gets warmer in the northern hemisphere, many people seek activities outdoors, also adding foot traffic to many local businesses.

No one knows why ancient people built Stonehenge, but it was constructed to align with the summer and winter solstices. Many people gather at Stonehenge each year to celebrate each solstice, in fact, celebrations occur all over the world to welcome the beginning of summer and other recognitions that vary from culture-to-culture worldwide. Some recognize the day as a sign of fertility, others find it as a reason to put on festivals, gathers, rituals or other celebratory events.

Whether you are excited to bring on the summer, are out enjoying the longest day of the year or recognizing the day as a sign of fertility, staff scheduling and communication for a business can be difficult. Scheduling events, festivals or celebrations, and/or coping with increasing customer demands during the longer days or peak periods, can be a challenge of a business owner or manager. Humanity’s robust and adaptable workforce management softwareallows management staff to cope with fluctuations, changes to a business or one-time events.

From creating staff schedules to communicating schedules or changes of events to employees, to ensuring that employees are correctly and accurately compensated, to monitoring employee performance and everything in between, Humanity has you covered. Coordinating one time events at an irregular offsite or scheduling more staff to cope with the influx of customers over the warmer months, is seamless and time efficient with our application.

Happy Scheduling and Summer Solstice!