June 21, 2013

It Has Become Easy And Accessible For North East Centre of Community Society to Manage Their Staff With Humanity


North East Centre of Community Society (The Genesis Centre) in Alberta Canada was started to serve the sport, recreation, educational and cultural needs of the northeast. The Genesis Centre is a wonderful one of a kind facility based on Community and Wellness. This facility was founded on the dream of volunteers in the surrounding communities to create a unified community center. This building is run by 3 major partners, the City Library, the YMCA and the NECCS. The YMCA operates a typical sports and recreation model while NECCS compliments that service with more of the community aspect featuring 2 large indoor field houses, an oversized gymnasium, and multipurpose spaces.

The facility has 23 full-time employees, a number of volunteers and part-time employees with a close-knit family consisting of mostly university students. The main issue for them was personal schedules, which sometimes used to causes conflicts between their work and exams etc. Also being too big to be a small and too small to be a medium company they had a number of issues related to managing their workforce. These include managing employee availability, vacation requests, work hours for payroll management.

Before switching to Humanity they were doing manual scheduling using excel. It used to take a whole day which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

With Humanity’s easy-to-use, fast and portable workforce management solution this process became fast and efficient. Now the staff love the features such as shift trading, setting their own availability and vacation requests. Humanity also streamlined communication between the staff with its group and individual messaging feature. Also part-time staff and volunteers use the time clock module to clock in/out. it is now easy for Genesis Centre to do payroll management. With Humanity’s accurate reporting functionality.

Sherry King, Business Administrator shared that, now Humanity is saving them 14-16 hours per week. he also added,

I love how easy it is and how accessible it is.

Humanity team is happy that our workforce management solution is playing a small helping role in shaping the dream of the North East Centre of Community Society.