June 27, 2022

Level-Up with the New TCP Analytics Tool

For years TimeClock Plus has provided our customers with over 70 pre-built reports that helped them make sense of all the data collected by our software. Yet, some of our customers required customized reporting and analytics functionality that met their organization’s unique needs.

We heard you loud and clear, and we now offer a robust reporting and workforce analytics tool to empower organizations to level up with fully customizable reports. We call it TCP Analytics.

TCP Analytics is a powerful tool that allows for custom reporting and provides easy-to-comprehend analytics. It will help reduce costs across your organization, streamline workflows and run payroll reports flagging anomalies in minutes. It will even deliver custom reports to your inbox automatically to help keep you in compliance.

Gain Valuable Insights Using TCP Analytics

The data and insights TCP Analytics provide give organizations a better picture of how it operates day to day, month to month and year over year. This historical analysis will help uncover opportunities to increase productivity and drive efficiency.

With the TCP Analytics tool, your data can still be imported into Excel, but you can also import data into many other enterprise programs. This eliminates the need for 3rd party tools, further reducing costs.

Increase Data Visibility without Compromising Security

By reducing and eliminating many manual processes carried out by payroll, HR and supervisors, this new tool will make better use of your most valuable resources—time and manpower. You will save time while increasing organizational visibility into labor by employee, project and department to build productivity and efficiency best practices.

Even that increased visibility comes with customization. TCP Analytics allows you to customize permissions and assign who has access to what data. This ability encourages collaboration while protecting privacy.

Automated Reporting from TCP Analytics

TCP Analytics’ automated reporting feature lets you build customized reports once and schedule them to be delivered to your inbox each reporting period, so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute and risking non-compliance. And because data doesn’t help you if you can’t understand it, this tool will help you create easy-to-understand tabular data and visual charts and graphs.

Whatever your industry, implementing TCP Analytics means outdated baselines, analytics and metrics will no longer hold your organization back. With the most updated, robust reporting and analytics tools at your disposal, your organization can uncover opportunities for growth and help you make informed decisions for your business.

Do you feel that your organization would benefit from a powerful reporting tool?

Has someone in your organization expressed interest in more robust and understandable data analytics?

Do you have too many reporting tools and would prefer one place to gather insights or analytics related to the workforce management data you are already collecting?

Don’t wait any longer if you’ve answered yes to these questions or are simply curious. Find out how you can make your data work better for you today.