May 21, 2012

Morgantown’s Ronald McDonald House Switches to Humanity to Fulfill Employee Scheduling Needs


Ronald McDonald House Charities of Morgantown, West Virginia is a nonprofit organization that started in Morgantown over 21 years ago in 1990 and have since served 28,000 families. They are located in the heart of the University City, just minutes away from the West Virginia University campus and within walking distance of several hospitals. Their home-away-from-home is part of the Ronald McDonald House Charities network of more than 300 houses in 30 countries around the world. RMHC Morgantown offers kitchens, laundry services, entertainment areas and private bathrooms with showers to all families staying with them.

Each house is designed specifically to give support to families of critically ill children receiving medical care from area hospitals. Their further mission is to “help lift kids to a better tomorrow” by making contributions and grants to charitable organizations that engage in educating children, providing essential needs for children as well as carry on research as to physical and mental diseases and other disorders of children, or the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment thereof.

When they first opened, there were four employees, and they have now grown to ten employees. RMHC Morgantown’s administrative office is open from 9 am till 9 pm daily, and RMHC Families can be reached 24/7. One of the challenges they constantly faced, was dealing with staff schedule changes. Since they are a relatively small organization, it was difficult to shuffle and reorganize staff schedules when an employee needed to make a shift trade, particularly at the last minute. It was also difficult for employees to swap schedule dates with one another. Another difficulty for the RMHC Morgantown was generating accurate and up-to-date timesheets. Their payroll was dependent on employees writing in their hours, which was difficult to monitor and time-consuming to process.

Before they switched to Humanity, RMHC Morgantown’s employee scheduling system was based on written timesheets, that were reviewed by a manager and compared to the most recent staff schedule. Since they’ve switched to Humanity, they are always fully staffed and have avoided unexpected shift absences. They have found that our application is helping them with scheduling, time clock recording, changing schedules and dealing with shift trades. Our centralized workforce management and staff scheduling software allows RMHC Morgantown to take care of all their staff scheduling and payroll needs from one place. This saves them time and effort, makes their organization run smoothly and allows them to focus on other more important tasks.

”I would absolutely recommend Humanity. I recently sent an email inquiry and I received a very rapid response. That level of customer service greatly impressed me.” -Steve De Jesus, Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities


The Ronald McDonald House Charities Morgantown is part of an extremely giving and charitable global organization, and we are so lucky to have them! We are thankful that they provide comfort, safety, and advocacy in a home-like and inviting environment for so many families.