February 22, 2022

Tech Tip: Optimizing Your Leave Management with Leave Bidding

If you have an hourly workforce of any size, this situation probably sounds familiar to you or your workforce’s managers. Let’s say it is holiday season and you manage a retail workforce. It’s the deadly duo: your employees want time off and busy season is here. What do you do? How do you balance fairness and shift coverage?

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, the situation above is common to many businesses. Your organization needs a way to structure and automate time off to ensure you honor the need for employees to take leave while still keeping the lights on for your business. If you don’t have a solution that can do this for you, your organization is wasting valuable time and money throwing manpower at a problem that requires technology.

With the TimeClock Plus advanced leave tools, your organization can find a graceful and efficient solution to awarding leave for your employees. Our Leave Bidding feature is designed to create an enforceable and automated system for how employee time off requests are prioritized and awarded. Whether your organization goes by seniority, rank, timing or some other order for approving time off requests, the Leave Bidding feature can automate it entirely.

When employees submit their time off requests, the TimeClock Plus solution can organize them by your predetermined sorting order and select which requests are to be approved. Of course, this can always be manually overridden for special cases, but with the Leave Bidding feature you can save your own resources and introduce a fair, impartial and efficient solution to your employees. With no favoritism and no margin for error, your organization can ensure that you have enough employees to keep your business running while also managing your workforce’s leave.

Interested in learning more? Want to see it live? Register for the webinar on 2/23/2022, where our experts will discuss this subject in more depth, show how the tool works and even answer questions live.