August 6, 2012

Precision, Accuracy & Consistency Allowed Our Wizard To Soar Past The Competition In Archery


The Humanity Wizard had quite a shift in focus as he turned to archery, where it was less about strength and endurance and more about precision, patience and accuracy. Though we were a little nervous, our Wizard has proved himself to be an excellent archer!

Archery at the Olympics was definitely not lacking in competition; 64 archers travelled to London to compete for the individual title. Our Wizard breezed through the ranking round and ended up with a decent bracket. When it came down to the final individual rankings, the Humanity team cheered for joy as the Wizard was crowned the individual Olympic champion for 2012. For the team results, the Wizard led Humanity to an amazing win! What a great double victory for him!

Humanity is leading the way and here to make a statement!

What was behind his win? Precision, accuracy and consistency (and safety, of course!) are the core of a successful archer. With Humanity’s scheduling and workforce management application behind him, the Wizard was prepared and well trained for the event. We are committed to making your scheduling and business management processes as efficient and accurate as possible, and we achieve this with our automated software that works in real time with no loss of precision!

Working in real time means that you can make business decisions with the most up-to-date and accurate information. This not only helps with scheduling, but also with budgeting, employee management and more. We want to give you, as a manager, control over your employees and business. So any parameters you set or any rules you apply to your account will be automatically accounted for and executed immediately. For example, you can input overtime rules to different staff levels, assign rate cards to different positions with specified differentials, control what employees can see and do, and more! Additionally, employees can set their own availability, which means that you can further eliminate schedule conflicts as you have access to the most recent staff availability information. This means that scheduling is easy, accurate and cost-efficient! The Wizard successfully used his experience with accurate and precise scheduling and translated it to archery.

Furthermore, our time clock software gets rid of the need for expensive stand-alone equipment while ensuring accurate & precise time clock tracking at all times. Eliminate buddy clocking with our webcam biometric system, which verifies that the appropriate staff are clocking in and out honestly and on time. Our time clock works with extreme precision, tracking staff hours in exact minutes, so you don’t sacrifice accuracy or efficiency for any reason. Track tardiness and unexpected absences easily and quickly, giving you great insight into your employees’ performance. And never fear – our application stores & backs up all time clocking and business related data so that you can check off another headache from your list.

From our time clock, you can generate accurate reports that can all be filtered and tailored to your specific needs.Payroll information can be exported in ready-to-import formats for your favorite payroll provider. You can also monitor employee performance and gain greater business insight with Humanity’s auto-generated attendance and business statistics.

Our Wizard was able to use his knowledge and experience in all aspects of business management and staff scheduling to soar past his competition. The Humanity team is over the moon and congratulates the Wizard on his fantastic successes in archery! Though it required slightly different skills from earlier in his Olympic schedule, the Wizard had no trouble focusing and let his practice with our scheduling and management app lead him to victory! No trouble with accuracy or precision this year!

GO TEAM Humanity!

Happy Scheduling!