August 3, 2017

Product Updates: Upcoming Navigation Move, Ghost Shifts and More


Summer productivity slump? Never heard of it.

The Humanity product team is firing on all cylinders; tirelessly working to bring you great new staff scheduling features and innovations.

Let’s get right into some of the new interface changes and slick features we’ve prepared for you (yes, on top of the rule-based conflict checker we debuted last month).

Coming Soon: Horizontal Navigation

We’re moving the main Humanity navigation bar up top into a horizontal view very soon.

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There are a couple of reasons for the move. The most obvious one is that having the navigation bar front and center will make it much easier and faster for you to navigate from module to module.

The second reason is that we have a bunch of great new functionalities in the pipeline for branding and customizing your Humanity account, which this move to a horizontal navigation bar helps facilitate.

Ghost Shifts

Ghost Shifts in Filtered Location Views

This feature is going to be huge for many of our clients that not only manage multiple business locations but also have employees who jump around and work shifts at more than one location.

How does it work? Say you’ve filtered your schedule view to show one particular location.

With this new feature enabled, you will be able to see Ghost Shifts within that view whenever you have employees who are scheduled to work shifts at a different location.

ghost shifts 1

As many business owners know, avoiding shift conflicts can be incredibly difficult to do when you have employees who work at multiple locations but you don’t have a clear enough overview of when and where they are scheduled to work.

That should no longer be a problem with Ghost Shifts enabled.

If you don’t need this feature and would like to disable it, you can do so from the drop-down menu located on the top right side of the schedule.

enable shift 3

Staff Availability

Staff Availability Visible in Schedule

Here’s a new feature that’s going to be great for managers who want to create their schedules in Employee View while being aware of staff availability.

This feature is visible when you are creating shifts for your staff in both Week and Day View.

Here’s how it looks in Week View. If someone has declared themselves as unavailable to work for a certain day or time of day, you’ll see that information immediately and know not to create a shift for that employee on that day or for that particular time of day.

unavailable shiftplanning

When you are in Day View, the hours during which an employee is unavailable will be shaded, letting you know right away that they aren’t available to work during those hours.

unavailable day view 1

If you have any questions about these new features, don’t hesitate to jump on a call or chat with our live support agents or contact us by email at

Happy Scheduling!