May 20, 2024

Tech Tip: Seamless integration autonomy with the Open API


What is the Open API?

The new Open API in TimeClock Plus enables customers to configure and manage integrations autonomously, empowering them to mine rich reporting analytics and customize data flows, automate processes to remove manual intervention, and maintain system security.

Why did TCP create an Open API?

When time and attendance systems aren’t integrated with other key solutions, organizations grapple with operational inefficiencies that lead to manual and error-prone processes, data silos, and decision-making bottlenecks. When organizations possess developer resources, they seek the ability to create their own integrations to their specifications, without necessarily relying on other integration teams.

More so, many organizations require data transfers between platforms for reporting purposes, but manual processes are time-consuming and error-prone. Additionally, security and data integrity are difficult to protect via processes that require manual intervention and data silos. To make matters more challenging, without self-service integration options, organizations may feel a lack of autonomy, ownership, and flexibility.

How does the Open API solve these challenges?

The Open API empowers organizations with self-serve capabilities, enabling customers to autonomously manage and hand-pick their own data points. By automating the push and pull of data between systems, the Open API eliminates manual intervention and the associated risk of human error. The Open API also facilitates secure and tailored data synchronization between systems, safeguarding sensitive employee data.

Getting started:

Ready to take the first step in independently managing your organization’s data? Developers can explore our Developer Portal for detailed documentation, including step-by-step guides and code/curl samples.