July 16, 2012

The Indian Human Resource Center Turned To Humanity To Help With Volunteer Management & Staff Scheduling


The Indian Human Resource Center in San Diego, California is a nonprofit organization that started working in 1979. They address high unemployment of and lack of services available to Native Americans in San Diego County. Originally providing employment and training programs to local Native Americans, IHRC has since expanded its scope of services to include numerous programs for the benefit of 50,000 American Indians, representing over 250 different tribes, residing in off-reservation areas of the San Diego County.

Currently, they have six employees, two of whom are frequently out of the office. Before they switched to Humanity, their receptionist found it difficult to know whether they were working remotely or were taking the day. Additionally, their previous method of scheduling and communication lacked a way to track volunteer hours, required for grant funding. With no accurate way to track and calculate the hours volunteers worked, they just estimated the totals. When grant funders would ask for the documentation, they were at a loss or had to sift through a morass of paperwork to find it. This process was both inefficient and inaccurate.

Creating schedules was less of a worry as the teamwork on the same schedule and even take the same lunch breaks. However, keeping track of when volunteers were working and communicating with the receptionist, Humanity was the solution they needed.

They have found our online application and work scheduler has made their lives smoother. It is now easier for them to expand their hours and give employees more flexibility in the schedules and security, knowing that every volunteer is accounted for. Humanity automatically tracks shifts that volunteers work, accurately calculates and totals hours – all in real-time. This makes it much easier to generate reports for grant funders, which takes seconds to complete, as opposed to hours of filtering through stacks of paperwork. Our array of comprehensive reports can be created from up-to-date business data at a moments notice. More importantly, you can easily generate reports on the information you really need. The reports module allows IHRC to track volunteer hours and answer any questions by grant funders in a timely manner.

”We would recommend the work scheduler Humanity and we found their team very helpful.” -Bill Taylor, Administrator, Indian Human Resource Center

The Humanity team is delighted to be a part of the Indian Human Resource Center, and commend them on their tremendous goals and what they strive for. Their services, which understand, respect and promote Native American culture and traditions, are critical to their community’s social, spiritual and cultural advancement.