April 16, 2012

The Infostrada Sports Group uses Humanity to Cope with the Fast-Paced Sports Industry


Based in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, the Infostrada Sports Group offers innovative and unique services to the extremely extensive and growing sports industry. They are active in monetizing sports rights, producing, distributing and publicizing sports content. On top of that, they consult their partners on how to get the most out of their owned rights. The Infostrada Sports Group is one of the few companies in the world that can provide this multitude of services.

Cross media exploitation is a core component of all Infostrada Sports Group’s services. They partner with broadcasters, event organizers, sports federations, sports clubs, media agencies, brands, sports marketing agencies, publishers, rights agencies, advertising agencies and more. Coordinating staff schedules with partner schedules, sporting events and more can get overwhelming and rather difficult in this fast paced and dynamic industry. Using a robust staff scheduler is not only ideal, but necessary for a business like Infostrada.

Their Statistics Department is one of their largest departments. They cover over a hundred different sports, the majority of it live, and deliver data to their clients. Around the turn of the century, Infostrada had about a dozen employees. Now, the Statistic Department alone is comprised of around 60 full-time staff and 80 part-time student employees. Until 2009, they relied on Excel based scheduling to deal with the ever changing and flexible world of sports.  They would rely on their part-time employees to submit their monthly availability, updated a master sheet and then manually emailed the staff to inform them of their upcoming shifts.

As their company grew, they realized that the Excel-based scheduling had become extremely inefficient and time-consuming. Additionally, it was hard to get a good overview of the staff schedule. Between the lack of schedule visualization and the increasing confusion coordinating staff availability, the Infostrada Sports Group searched for a staff scheduler that would save time and, more importantly, reduce the amount of communication during the planning process.

After searching and trying out a few scheduling applications, they made the switch to Humanity. They were impressed with our responsive team and our open reception to feedback. The Infostrada Sports Group has found that our staff scheduler has drastically reduced the time of their scheduling procedure. With tools like our Message Wall, communication is effective, accurate and kept to a minimum with our automated shift notification tools, with staff receiving an email notification when schedules are published.

”We could not even imagine how are scheduling would work without Humanity.” – Joost Hamilton, Live Coordinator at the Infostrada Sports Group


They have also found our shift trade system particularly useful, also eliminating unnecessary back and forth communication as management can remove themselves from the shift trade process. The detailed business archives, reports and data overviews automatically generated with our workforce management software have also helped Infostrada gain greater business insight and more effective general management.

We are excited to help the Infostrada Sports Group scale up and grow their business effectively and easily with our effective and easy-to-use staff scheduler.