June 28, 2013

The IUPUI Campus Center Can Manage All Workforce Planning Activities Effectively With Humanity


The IUPUI Campus Center at Indiana University opened its doors in January of 2008 and is the “living room” of the Campus. The Campus Center is a place where learning, diversity, and tradition are respected, cultivated and honored.

The campus center employs fewer than 60 student employees and 7 professional staff members. Their student Employee work areas are Game Room Attendant, Information Desk Attendant, Cultural Arts Gallery Attendant, Event Scheduling Assistant, and Operations Team. Each of these areas has a student Area Manager.

The center used to follow a lengthy process to create schedules for the whole semester, where all staff submits their availability via paper and one person would lay them all out on a table and start scheduling the staff. This used to take around a week or 2-week of time. Considering varying schedules of student employees, managing real-time availability and trading shifts were always a nuisance for the campus center. There were numerous emails going back and forth between manager and employee. They also need to see employee work hours to project the payroll as the schedule was for the whole semester. The campus center really needed a centralized total workforce management solution to streamline all scheduling and HR-related activities.

After switching to Humanity’s total workforce management solution, it became really convenient for the campus center employees to manage their schedules as well as trade shifts. Now they have one location for all their workforce-related activities. The campus center now has a chance to see what the projected payroll could be for the upcoming weeks, where in the past they could not. Now they take advantage of Humanity’s scheduling, reporting, and training features the most. The open shift reporting has become very useful for them to search within a date range as to what shifts have not been picked up. So the staff availability issue is totally eliminated. They also use the training feature to train their staff. They have to complete monthly 1:1 trainings. Once the staff completes the 1:1, they then take a quiz which managers then can see what percentage they scored. All in all, Humanity has truly become total workforce management solution for the IUPUI Campus Center.

When asked the best thing about Humanity, Brian Fetter,  Senior Coordinator for Facilities & Technical Services said,

My favorite thing about Humanity is the fact that it is web-based and any staff member can access their schedule from anywhere, even on their mobile device with the Humanity app.

Humanity team is happy that our application is not only helping their scheduling needs but also streamlined all workforce-related activities including HR & payroll.

Happy Scheduling!