August 8, 2012

The Wizard Built His Strength, Endurance, Versatility And Resilience By Training With Humanity’s Scheduling & Management App


The cyclists have been at it for a few days now and are not giving up! They should be commended on their ability to go for miles on end without breaks, day after day… and many of them after completing the gruelling Tour de France!

These cycling events have been particularly special to the Wizard, as they have been contested in every Summer Olympics programme since the first modern Olympiad in 1896. The competition was just as tough as every previous Games, as cyclists from all over the world joined our Wizard in the pursuit for an individual title. There are several cycling events that take place in five different venues. Between BMX, mountain biking, road cycling and track cycling… the sport demands endurance, strategy, resilience and versatility.

Humanity’s staff scheduler and workforce management application has taught and trained some of the crucial skills required in cycling. The versatility behind our application is unlike any other – it can be moulded and adapted perfectly to any business, regardless of size or industry. From nurse scheduling to volunteer management to tracking study hours of students to multilocational businesses… Humanity’s application can do it all. This was a major driving force for the Wizard as he tackled and continues to tackle the cycling events.

We demand endurance and strength from our already robust application at all hours of the day. Between our smooth-running software solution, Wizard and 24/7 support, our software can continue to grow, be built upon and improve, without slowing down. Going hand in hand with strength and endurance, a scheduler and business management software that is resilient to change or unexpected occurrences only benefits its users.

Our scheduler consolidates all information (from staff availability to how many hours any given staff member is working in a week and more) and ensures that you can avoid schedule conflicts by automatically notifying you, as a manager, of when a conflict is going to arise. Employees won’t be double booked, won’t work more than their maximum number of hours per week, won’t be scheduled when they are unavailable or on vacation… scheduling is easier! You no longer need to spend hours on end dealing with schedule conflicts as Humanity’s scheduler automatically detects them, displays them on the screen so they are easy to see, and allow you to easily resolve the conflicts.

Additionally, any last minute or unexpected changes that might arise are easy to deal with. Between our array of communication lines, seamless system for shift trades and more, resolving any conflicts or changes to the schedule is easy and require minimal work. This resilience makes scheduling faster, more efficient, accurate and requires less unnecessary back and forth work.

Resilience to change (even last minute changes) combined with other crucial skills like strength, endurance and versatility, are what have helped the Wizard thus far. His experience with the Humanity application and hard working mentality have helped him translate essential skills into several cycling gold medals already. But he has more work to do! He’s staying focused for his upcoming cycling events and is ready to take down the competition!

GO TEAM Humanity!

Happy Scheduling!