March 13, 2013

Young At Art Museum Successfully Tackles Scheduling Employees Across Multiple Departments with Humanity


Founded in 1989, Young At Art Museum (YAA) is a hands-on nonprofit museum in South Florida dedicated to improving arts education in the community. What started as a “museum without walls” turned into one of only six nationally recognized children’s museums with accreditation from the American Association of Museums.

Esther and Mindy Shrago created this “museum without walls” in 1986 and in just a few years, Young At Art Museum became a 3,200 square-foot location in the city of Plantation, Florida. With studio art classes taught by professional artists and a nationally awarded after school art program for homeless children called ArtREACH in addition to the art exhibits existing at YAA, it was time to expand their space. In 2006, Young At Art and Broward County formally agreed to construct a new museum and library educational building in South Florida. Today, the new 55,000 square-foot, Gold LEED-certified Young At Art Museum and Broward County Library is now open for the public.

With the massive growth in its programs and building space, the number of employees also increased throughout the years. When Young At Art started in 1989, there were only 10 employees; now there are 65 employees! Imagine the time-consuming task of scheduling along with YAA’s multi-faceted system of programs and events across several departments. As their Development Assistant Brittany Dodd mentions, “The majority of our staff are hourly and are cross-trained to work in multiple departments. Keeping them from overlapping shifts, being scheduled when unavailable, or going overtime is a challenge.”

With the difficulty of scheduling their employees with the complexity of YAA’s scheduling needs, they decided to stop using Excel spreadsheets and switched to Humanity. Now with our application, they are very glad that schedules are available to employees online. Since their switch in August, they were able to resolve the difficulty of scheduling employees across several departments without overlapping shifts or scheduling them when unavailable.

As said by Brittany Dodd, Development at Young At Art Museum:

Humanity’s online integrated system allowed us to schedule for all departments and track these scheduled hours. I would recommend Humanity. They are helpful, accommodating and are quick to respond to problems.


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