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July 7, 2023

Reducing Overtime Through Smart Employee Scheduling

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Overtime Costs Companies Millions
The issue of overtime work is among more serious challenges enterprises across industries encounter. Without full compliance with the labor law, enterprises often face serious legal consequences, which are not only measured in millions of dollars worth of fines but are also detrimental to the company reputation, both as a business partner and employer.

Many companies have faced investigation for failing to compensate their staff properly, having allegedly cut employee hours to avoid paying overtime, ignored off-the-clock work, allowed unpaid internships, or misclassified employees to avoid compensating for extra hours.

But the question of overtime work is deeper still—it is not only costly, but can give rise to a toxic workplace, one where managers try to shave off employee paychecks and skirt labor law, and where employees resort to buddy clocking and clock rounding as a response.

Enterprises often rely on finding a panacea for the issue only after the effects of overtime hours have taken a toll on employees and the company budget, which is often too late and ineffective.

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