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August 4, 2022

Strategic Remedies for the Great Resignation

About This Resource

What did over 300 leaders tell us about their workforce amid The Great Resignation?

The world of work is experiencing a massive upheaval. Workers are burnt out, disengaged and leaving jobs in droves. Topics like employee engagement and burnout are no longer just a concern for HR.

As part of our series on the State of the U.S. Workforce, we sought to understand which practices are helping with engagement and which practices may be hurting your organization. We ask questions like:

  • Is a toxic work culture harming engagement?
  • Is hybrid and remote work good or bad your workforce?
  • How can you use data and analytics to detect burnout before it becomes turnover?

To uncover how employers are handling this, TCP Software surveyed over 300 business leaders to identify three strategic remedies to help organizations monitor engagement and address burnout before it becomes turnover.

Get ready to get time right.