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Sheriff and police scheduling software

Not all scheduling software can handle 24/7 rotational shifts, minimum staffing requirements, and agency policies. Aladtec is specifically designed for public safety, and we’re proud to serve law enforcement agencies across the country for over two decades.

With diverse capabilities and customizations, Aladtec is well suited to small law enforcement departments and large city agencies—and everything in between.

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efficient business processes

Automate complex scheduling

Create rotations matched to the needs of all teams and easily fill schedules with available and qualified staff.


Track certifications and expirations

Ensure certified staff are scheduled for shifts and extra duties, and receive automated reminders when expiration dates are looming.


Simplify compliance

Take the heavy lifting out of minimum staffing requirements, overtime tracking, fatigue rules, and more

Automated scheduling, just for public safety



24/7 shift scheduling matched to your unique rotation patterns and built-in rules to meet minimum staffing requirements

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Success stories

Explore how we’re supporting law enforcement agencies like yours.


River Falls Police Department

This Wisconsin police department switched from a basic online staff scheduling software to Aladtec.


Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office

See how Michael Hubred uses Aladtec to schedule Special Deputies for the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office.

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