September 28, 2020

TimeClock Plus Releases Return to Work Solution

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TimeClock Plus, a leading provider of workforce management and time and labor solutions, today announced its Return to Work solution, the first-available hardware and software combination to give both public and private organizations the capabilities needed to ensure the health and safety of their workers as the economy reopens and case numbers fluctuate.

This solution consists of a thermal scanner add-on to TimeClock Plus’ physical time clocks that can register an employee’s temperature from 18-24 inches away, as well as software that can track employee temperature over time, prompt employees to answer a customizable health questionnaire and establish a history for contact tracing. The system can be set up to ask both Center for Disease Control (CDC) diagnostic and other customer-configurable questions at clock in and clock out to track the safety and well-being of employees.

Organizations in all industries—from education, public safety and state and local government to healthcare and manufacturing—are responsible for providing a safe and healthy workplace. As in-person operations resume for many industries across the country, the CDC recommends that organizations conduct daily in-person or virtual health checks, and have procedures in place for identifying where and how workers might be exposed to COVID-19. TimeClock Plus’ solution meets these requirements by enabling employers to:

Ensure employees are healthy before they report to work—The thermal sensor will require a temperature reading and answers to a health questionnaire before employees can clock in for the day, and the software will measure that temperature against the employee’s historic readings to identify any deviations from trends.
Encourage employees to follow proper protocols if they do not pass a health check—Organizations can determine their preferred policy, customized by worker type. For example, if an employee shows an elevated temperature, they can be directed to call HR or their supervisor, or be instructed to work from home until further notice.
Establish a contact tracing database—Organizations will be notified where and when at-risk employees have clocked in and out, streamlining the process of alerting other employees who may need to isolate.
“Organizations face many challenges when it comes to creating a safe environment for their employees. Even taking temperatures can be complicated; many companies assign a person to temperature-taking duty, but that person is put in a high-risk situation due to their close proximity to every person coming through the door,” said Eric Thurston, CEO, TimeClock Plus. “Our Return to Work solutions eliminate that risk, giving organizations a nearly touchless way to monitor worker health and ease concerns so that employees can focus on their work.”

The Return to Work solution has earned a Gold Stevie Award, granted by the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, for the impact it has on companies that are working to best protect their employees while ensuring safe and efficient operations.

To make its solutions more accessible and customizable, TimeClock Plus has also released a new tiered pricing structure. Organizations can choose monthly or annual plans that suit those looking for just time and attendance solutions up to complex organizations needing more complete visibility into their workforce, including advanced leave and overtime, job costing, annualized employee management and more. For more information, please visit

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Reporter: Megan Nealon – TimeClock Plus – V2 Communications
Source: Business Wire

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