July 15, 2016

How Hospitality Employee Scheduling Software Helps Hotel Management


Scheduling staff for multiple positions across different shifts each night is a daunting task for managers and business owners in the hospitality industry. Managers working in hospitality deal with high employee turnover and very demanding clientele, an environment that provides little or no margin for error when creating team schedules.

Let Humanity eliminate the pressure and help you manage it all efficiently and precisely.

Humanity is a fully customizable, complete employee scheduling and workforce management solution for managers and business owners in the hospitality industry. You’ll love the way this innovative tool transforms your daily operations.

Why Hospitality Employee Scheduling Software Works

Managers and owners in the hospitality industry face enormous obstacles every time they sit down to schedule staff for the multiple positions that must be filled every night. Consisting of a broad category of fields within the service industry that includes lodging, restaurants, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry, Hospitality deals with high employee turnover and demanding clientele. As any manager in this industry knows, there is little to no margin for error when it comes down to scheduling.

Humanity will help hospitality industry employees have a say in their own shift schedules, and improve the efficiency for managers who are responsible for making sure the right manpower is in the right place, at the right time.

No matter what size or type of hospitality industry business you own or manage, the unique demands placed on your scheduling needs calls for a powerful online tool designed to streamline the process of hiring, managing, scheduling and communicating with all of your company’s staff.

Humanity is a complete employee scheduling and labor management solution for the businesses that fall in the Hospitality industry, providing one-click seamless access to time and attendance, employee scheduling, and management reports. Managers using Humanity spend more time managing, and less time stuck in an office juggling schedules and labor expenses.

Addressing the Specific Scheduling Needs of Hotels and Hospitality 

The right employee scheduling software can provide custom solutions that are designed to address your hospitality business’s direct scheduling needs.

  • Automated shift scheduling for every employee in every capacity.
  • Customer/traffic volume forecasts.
  • Streamlined employee rotations.
  • Streamlined vacation scheduling.
  • Individual pay levels.
  • Individual skill levels.

Hotel Department Managers can use staff scheduling software to:

  • Add and import unlimited employees through .csv, Address Book and Google Apps.
  • Add and import unlimited schedules via .csv and .xls.
  • Prepare unlimited Schedules.
  • Manage staff skills and find the right people for the job instantly.
  • Allow employees to swap shifts electronically with no disruption.
  • View schedules electronically from any computer, 24/7.
  • Create and generate multiple types of in-depth reports based on planned time and actual time.
  • Synchronize staff calendars.
  • Monitor and control labor expenses at one or many locations.
  • Set up a separate schedule for trainees.
  • Easily create separate schedules for every sector.
  • Offer individual schedule management to team leaders.
  • Allow sector managers to oversee and control shift trades, vacations, open shifts, etc.
  • Provide an SMS notification system to make scheduling fast and easy.

Additional Benefits of Using Employee Scheduling Software in Hotels

  • Improve customer service by keeping adequate staff on hand at all times.
  • Eliminate unnecessary overtime costs.
  • Reduce employee turnover by scheduling around each staff member’s individual shift preferences.
  • Reduce unauthorized absences.
  • Create and share employee schedules online.
  • Track who has viewed and confirmed shifts.
  • Automatically notify employees of new shifts.
  • Stop the calls and get electronic notifications for shifts and schedules.
  • Broadcast open-shifts to all available employees.
  • Manage shift trading and vacation approvals.

Humanity’s totally customizable software has powerful tools that integrate union regulations and labor laws into scheduling, reducing or eliminating any margin of error. Humanity is engineered to adapt to and implement updates and changes in regulatory rules as they arise without replacing software or disrupting business as usual.

How Hospitality Employee Scheduling Software Helps Hotel Managers

Humanity makes shift scheduling and managing streamlined, and so cost effective you can be reigning in out-of-control expenses within your first pay cycle. Managers can remotely check on employees that are clocked in and enforce schedules. Employees can be prohibited from clocking in early or clocking out late.

Intelligent Scheduling

  • Save time
    automated shift scheduling for every employee at every level and capacity.
  • Electronic notification
    staff receives email or text notification of new schedules.
  • Manage staff skills
    stores staff skill sets so you find the right person for the job instantly.

Improved Communication

  • Online schedule viewing
    staff can view schedules online from any computer 24/7.
  • Broadcast open shifts
    automatically notify employees of open shifts.
  • Fast, friendly, helpful
    support is available through chat or phone.

Efficient Daily Operation

  • Keep adequate staff on hand
    ensure enough qualified staff members are in the right place at the right time.
  • Manage expenses
    eliminate unnecessary overtime and stop overstaffing.
  • Reduce turnover
    employee schedules are created around their individual shift preferences.