The #1 employee scheduling solution, offering AI-powered forecasting and a top-rated mobile app

Automated employee scheduling software for just-right coverage

Humanity provides dynamic employee scheduling with AI-powered forecasting, automated scheduling, and a mobile app that employees love. It protects time integrity by eliminating overscheduling, staffing errors, and chaotic communications, so you can ensure proper coverage and control costs and compliance.

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Humanity transforms every aspect of the scheduling process.

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How it works

Humanity turns time-consuming manual processes into automated workflows for happier schedulers, connected teams, and better bottom lines.

Lottie - Mobile App Shift Pickup

Use our user-friendly interface to forecast demand, build compliant schedules, and auto-fill with qualified and available staff.


Managers communicate shift updates in real time and easily fill open shifts.


Employees have anytime, anywhere access to their schedules with options for shift trading.

Benefits of our employee scheduling software

Why are organizations choosing Humanity? Not only does it cut inefficiencies and frustrations, but by improving business outcomes, boosting productivity, and improving staff experiences, it simply pays for itself.

Reduce time spent on scheduling by up to 75%

Streamline workflows and communications with the #1 employee scheduling software.

Improve employee engagement and keep your team happy.

Enable business growth by up to 200%


Humanity for all

Humanity flexes to match your unique needs today and scale with you as you grow tomorrow. Explore how implementations can evolve over time. 

Midsize organizations

  • Create a streamlined and automated scheduling workflow
  • Build complex shifts and track coverage across multiple locations and states
  • Forecast demand, auto-build compliant schedules, and auto-fill with available and qualified staff
  • Integrate with your ERP/HCM
  • Use default scheduling rules to simplify compliance and flag availability or skills conflicts
  • Set organizational hierarchy and permissions to suit your requirements

Enterprise organizations

  • Tailor Humanity to the nuances of your scheduling programs
  • Forecast demand, auto-build compliant schedules, and auto-fill with available and qualified staff
  • Integrate with your ERP/HCM
  • Create custom scheduling rules for internal policies and collective bargaining agreements (CBAs)
  • Set organizational hierarchy and permissions to suit your requirements

Small organizations

  • Start using Humanity in a matter of hours— import employees, create schedules, and publish
  • Track availability and skills
  • Send easy staff communications and notifications
  • Make updates in real time
  • Import employee information
  • Clear growth barriers caused by manual scheduling
  • Manage staff data

Meet everyone’s needs

When it comes to employee scheduling, everyone has different requirements. Only Humanity checks the boxes for everyone on your team.


Chief financial officer

  • How can we stay on budget and control labor costs?

Chief HR officer

  • How can we maintain compliance, improve employee experiences, and hire for proper coverage?

Frontline manager/scheduler

  • How do I maintain proper shift coverage, easily manage call offs and shift swaps, and provide great experiences for staff?


  • When am I working?
  • How can I trade shifts or pick up additional shifts?

Ready to reduce time spent on scheduling by up to 75%?

Award-winning employee scheduling software

Our customers are choosing Humanity for its usability, implementations, return on investment (ROI), and more.


Meet our mobile app

Our #1 employee scheduling software provides a top-rated mobile and Apple® Watch app as well.


4.9 Rating


4.8 Rating

Just-right implementations and proven 24/7 customer support

Everyone is different. We get that. From onboarding to training to ongoing support, we're here to mold your TCP solution to fit your exact needs.

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See Humanity in your field

Employee scheduling needs simply look different in each field. Select yours to learn how we can support your work and your team.


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