May 22, 2016

Using Education Employee Scheduling Software to Better Schedule Teachers


As an educator, your time is valuable. You need to meet with parents or students. You have staff meetings to attend, tutoring, and teacher training. You may also be responsible for scheduling one or more of your school’s resources, such as classes, computer and language labs, testing centers, athletic facilities and many more. You have a lot to keep track of, and you may have to teach too.

At Humanity, we understand just how important your time is. We have a proven scheduling system to help you make the most of every minute. Schedule appointments, resources, and much more with ease. You can customize our software to meet your specific needs.

Within every school and school district, there is a great need for managing the schedules, appointments and reservations for a wide array of people, places and things.

Why Schools Need Education Employee Scheduling Software

The most common school scheduling applications include:

  • Scheduling appointments for teachers (parent/teacher conferences, teacher/staff meetings, etc.)
  • Scheduling reservations for lab time, computer labs and testing centers.
  • Scheduling reservations for meeting rooms and other location facilities (such as athletic fields.)

Humanity online scheduling software allows schools to automate and streamline all relevant calendar items quickly, easily and efficiently. In fact, because Humanity help teachers, staff and schools customize their schedules to suit their specific needs, the scheduling possibilities are virtually limitless.

Easily installed and customized to your individual needs, Humanity allows faculty, staff, parents, students and others access to their own schedules 24/7 from any computer, anywhere. Schedule coordinators can create a series of schedules for students, teachers, classes, and rooms. With Humanity, you can create any type of group or subgroup, schedule simultaneous classes and view individual student timetables.

At the college or university level, Humanity allows you to schedule students, courses, lecturers and rooms. Easily assign students to courses, enroll them in classes, appoint lectures to certain rooms, track the use of equipment and schedule activities quickly and easily at the touch of a mouse.

No matter what size school, staff or student body you manage, Humanity’s customizable software will take the chore of scheduling down from hours to minutes almost immediately after it is installed. The unique scheduling demands placed on schools call for a powerful management and scheduling tool designed to streamline the process of scheduling and communicating with all of your company’s staff.

Addressing the Specific Scheduling Needs of Schools and Education 

Humanity provides custom scheduling software designed to address your school’s needs, including:

  • Automated shift scheduling for every staff member in every capacity.
  • Streamlined staff and volunteer rotations.
  • Streamlined vacation scheduling.
  • School schedulers can now work with teachers, staff, parents and students to:
  • Add and import unlimited personnel records through .csv, Address Book and Google Apps.
  • Add and import unlimited schedules via .csv and .xls.
  • Prepare unlimited Schedules.
  • Allow teachers and others to make schedule changes electronically themselves.
  • View schedules online, 24/7.
  • Create and generate multiple types of in-depth reports based on planned time and actual time.
  • Synchronize staff and academic calendars
  • Easily create separate schedules for every department.
  • Offer individual schedule management.
  • Manage vacations, substitute teachers,after-school tutoring and more.
  • Provide an SMS notification system to make schedule sharing fast and easy.

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Additional Benefits of Using Education Employee Scheduling Software in Schools

  • Improves efficiency and accuracy in all the demanding niches of school scheduling.
  • Reduces unauthorized absences.
  • Complies with Health & Safety laws, union bylaws and any industry-specific guidelines or regulations that apply to your teachers and staff.

How Education Employee Scheduling Software Helps Schools

Solves Scheduling Problems

  • Schedule time quickly and efficiently
    with people or resources.
  • Easily access and update the schedules
    online at any time of the day or night.
  • Avoid mix-ups
    by easily keeping staff and academic calendars in sync.

Improves Communication

  • Your needs are always met
    Schedule students, staff, or volunteers when they are available.
  • Easily and accurately
    track absenteeism, vacations and time off.
  • Communicate schedule changes
    through the convenience of the SMS notification system.

Eases Administrative Tasks

  • Create a series of schedules
    for any need to coordinate groups or subgroups.
  • Easy enough
    that teachers and others can make their own schedule changes.
  • Create and generate in-depth reports
    detailing how time is actually being used.