Success Story: Bethany Retirement Living

May 23, 2023

Senior Living Facility Reduces Scheduling Conflicts with Staff Scheduling Software


Founded in 1939, Bethany Retirement Living is a Christian, non-profit organization providing skilled nursing, assisted living and memory care, rehabilitation, and transitional care services. There are two locations in Fargo, ND.


An around-the-clock operation, Bethany Retirement Living was using multiple spreadsheets to schedule its employees. This limited employee’s access to schedules and made it difficult to determine who was scheduled in each department or location. Creating and managing the schedule was inefficient and time consuming and was ineffective for scheduling staff who worked in multiple departments. Filling open shifts and managing time-off and other schedule requests were manual and time-intensive processes.

“Staff members were being double scheduled daily, and it was difficult to find an individual’s schedule with so many spreadsheets.” Ginny Carpenter


ScheduleAnywhere replaced Bethany Retirement Living’s Excel spreadsheet scheduling process and allows administrators to create and manage staff schedules online. Employees can view schedules anytime, from any computer or mobile device, so everyone has access to the most up-to-date schedule. Schedules can be shared across the entire organization, which allows managers to quickly see who is working in each department. This eliminates the potential for double-booking an employee.

The software’s integrated messaging system allows managers to text or email individuals, all employees, or a select group of qualified and available personnel to fill open shifts quickly and easily. Employees can also submit cover, swap time-off and other schedule requests online. Managers can accept or deny the request, and the schedule is automatically updated to reflect changes.

“I appreciate that employees can submit schedule requests online and I have tools to help me make better decisions when approving requests. ScheduleAnywhere also calculates the total number of hours worked.” Ginny Carpenter

Key Features & Benefits

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