Success Story: Billings Clinic

May 23, 2023

Senior Living Facility Reduces Scheduling Conflicts with Staff Scheduling Software


Billings Clinic is Montana’s largest health system, serving Montana, Wyoming, and the western Dakotas. The not-for-profit organization is a physician-led, integrated multispecialty group practice with a 304-bed hospital and Level II trauma center. Billings Clinic has more than 4,200 employees, including 430 physicians and advanced practitioners offering over 50 specialties.


Managers in Billings Clinic’s rehabilitation and sports medicine department were using pen and paper to create schedules for their 96-person staff. The process was inefficient and time intensive. Schedules were only posted within the department, meaning employees could not view the current schedule unless they were on site. Any time a change was made, managers needed to manually update the paper schedule and contact the employees who were affected. It was difficult for managers to confirm whether employees received notifications of schedule changes and everyone had the most current schedule information. Managers needed to regularly track and calculate staffing levels to ensure proper shift coverage to meet the department’s requirements.

“Before we began using ScheduleAnywhere, we had a paper schedule. This meant the staff’s access was limited and schedule updates were time consuming.” Joe Bloyder


The rehabilitation and sports medicine department replaced its paper scheduling system with ScheduleAnywhere employee scheduling software. Everyone in the department now has 24/7 access to the most current schedule information. Administrators can manage schedules, easily make changes, and review staffing needs anytime, anywhere. Employees can submit cover, swap, time-off, and other requests online – and administrators can accept or deny them – using the ScheduleAnywhere website or mobile app. When staffing changes are made, the schedule is automatically updated and affected employees are notified. ScheduleAnywhere also performs staffing calculations, enabling administrators to instantly see whether too many or too few employees are scheduled for each shift. Managers can send messages to individuals, everyone, or a select group of employees based on shift, skill, availability, or credentials.

“With ScheduleAnywhere, employees can access schedules, trade shifts, request time off, and see schedule changes online.” Joe Bloyder

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