December 19, 2022

Carolina Poodle Rescue Saves Time While Saving Dogs with Humanity

Rapid growth made scheduling in Excel almost impossible

To handle their rapid growth, the Carolina Poodle Rescue managers were looking for a more effective way to generate employee schedules and manage leave requests.

Before deploying Humanity, the team used Excel to make their schedules, which was extremely time consuming. According to the office manager Melinda Johnson Peeler, it took them between two and four hours to create a weekly schedule.

Staff members would notify the scheduling manager about their time off requests, but since they used Excel, there wasn’t any system in place to field the requests.

It would then take additional hours to remake the schedule every time an employee had requested a change in the schedule or wanted some time off.

An all-inclusive solution

Humanity’s 30-day free trial was more than enough for Peeler to recognize that the platform would be a good fit for her organization. What she loves most about the platform is that it’s a full-featured solution for staff management.

Between the scheduling and the time and attendance management that Humanity provides, making the switch from Excel to Humanity easily saves Carolina Poodle Rescue teams up to 10 hours a week.

Employees enjoy using the app

“Our employees have downloaded the app and they enjoy being able to clock in and out right from their phones,” she said.

They are also enabled to effortlessly submit vacation requests for manager approval. In case of scheduling conflicts, managers can easily find replacements, change the schedule, and send out an updated version — a process that used to take hours before Humanity.

With Time Clock reports, supervisors can quickly export accurate timesheets for payroll.

I would definitely recommend Humanity, I can tell that the company is constantly trying to improve the application.

Get ready to get time right.