November 10, 2022

Processing Employee Data In Half the Time

Implementing PBJ for 900 employees required robust solutions for Century Care Management

Operating as a 24/7 nursing residency for nearly two decades, Century Care Management is a family-owned business specializing in health care services along with a comprehensive rehabilitation program that includes physical, occupational and speech therapy. With nine different facilities and more than 900 employees, the organization provides long-term care for diseases such as Alzheimer’s as well as short-term care in all facilities.

With the introduction of the Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) and strict regulations from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS), Century Care faced difficul-ties such as exporting hours, providing the information required by CMS, and constantly hiring new talent due to the high turnover rate within the nursing profession.

Additionally, the state of North Carolina issues an annual inspection called a survey. Failing to pass the survey could result in detrimental consequences for Century Care, such as potentially losing Medicare and Medicaid funding and being stripped of accreditation. Upgrading to a superior time and attendance solution with the correct modules would mitigate the PBJ process and ensure the necessary compliance for the organization.

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With TimeClock Plus, on-time submission of timesheets more than doubled

To alleviate stress, Century Care Management worked closely with the TCP Implementation team to integrate the PBJ Module and Shift Differential Module, install new RDTg 400 series biometric time clocks throughout the nine facilities, and configure TCP’s TimeClockPlus software to create an efficient and sophisticated way to manage their workforce.

Susan Cole, the Payroll & Human Resource Manager at Century Care Management, supervises data throughout the nine facilities, and the PBJ Module allows her to get more work completed in half the time.

“It is technically demanding to set up 900 employees with different job codes and export that data into CMS,” said Cole. “Exporting in [TimeClock Plus] is so easy and so simple to use.”

With the installment of our TimeClock Plus software, Century Care Management worked one on one with TCP’s Professional Services team to ensure their success. During implementation, TCP demonstrated the “Train the Trainer” method for their managers, administration and payroll professionals by walking them through the clock functionalities and software configurations.

“My payroll ladies in the facility love it because it is just so much easier to work with and it’s much more reliable,” said Cole. “The system is automatic and it just works.”

After the implementation process and “Train the Trainer” instructions were completed, the payroll professionals divided the employees into groups of five and taught them how to register their fingerprints for the biometric time clocks and how to perform self-service features such as clocking in, clocking out, going on break and more.

“The system is automatic and it just works.”

Get ready to get time right.