Success Story: Dragonfly Therapy

May 23, 2023

Four Therapy Locations Streamline Staff Scheduling with ScheduleAnywhere


Dragonfly Therapy was established in 2005 as a private physical therapy practice. The company has 65 employees in four locations in Bangor, Maine. Their team provides effective one-on-one physical therapy for patents of all ages, conditions, and athletic abilities. They work together with hospitals and healthcare systems to form lasting partnerships based on trust and efficiency. With their client’s goals, mission and needs at the forefront, Dragonfly Therapy’s licensed physical therapists eliminate inefficiencies and provide effective therapy services.


Dragonfly Therapy managers were scheduling employees using their time and attendance software system, which did not support the facility’s complex reporting requirements. The system also did not allow them to share schedules between locations, so managers could not see a complete schedule that included all employees. Because of this, managers had to create an additional schedule on an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of who was working at each location and within every department each day. This created issues when more than one person tried to view the schedule. They were also updating the schedule multiple times each day, so the spreadsheet was continuously in use. Managers also struggled with proper shift coverage, which required them to manually count how many people were scheduled and regularly monitor schedules for any changes. When they needed to fill an open shift, managers spent a lot of time identifying and contacting qualified and available employees. Additionally, with their previous scheduling system, schedule patterns were difficult to set up and required time-intensive maintenance.

“Our old scheduling system was not user friendly, and we could not see a complete schedule with all of our employees on it at once. We had to manually count how many people were scheduled for each shift, which was horribly inefficient.”  Amanda Foley


Dragonfly Therapy replaced its scheduling system and Excel spreadsheets with ScheduleAnywhere employee scheduling software, which allows them to share schedules between departments and locations. Now, managers and employees can access the most current schedule information from anywhere, and they always know who is working where and when. ScheduleAnywhere performs staffing calculations based on census counts, and managers can instantly see how many people are scheduled by position, skill, shift, department, or location. Managers can quickly identify which staff members have specific skills or training and determine who is available to fill an open shift. They can send emails and text messages to individuals, all employees, or a select group of qualified and available employees. They can also message other managers about shared employees. With the mobile app, employees can see who is available to cover or swap a shift and can easily submit schedule requests online. ScheduleAnywhere’s easy-to-use, custom filters make it simple for managers to generate customized reports for whatever criteria they need. Managers can also automatically copy schedules or rotations, so they don’t spend time re-entering repeating schedule information.

“ScheduleAnywhere lets us share schedules between each of our locations, so we can easily track employees throughout the company. The schedules don’t require a lot of maintenance, and it’s quick and easy to make changes or add employees.”  Amanda Foley

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