Success Story: El Dorado County Probation

May 23, 2023

Probation Department Streamlines Staff Scheduling at Four Office Locations with ScheduleAnywhere


Located in California, the El Dorado County Probation Department provides public safety through collaborative partnerships and innovative practices in corrections. The department has office locations in Shingle Springs, South Lake Tahoe, and Placerville.


Supervisors at the El Dorado County Probation Department were manually creating staff schedules on paper for each of their three divisions. This made it difficult to track who was scheduled – and when – in every division across the department. Because the schedules were posted on site, employees did not have access to real-time schedules when they were not at work. This was inconvenient and resulted in scheduling miscommunications. Filling open shifts was time consuming for supervisors, because finding available and qualified individuals required numerous phone calls. When schedule changes were made, supervisors would update and repost the schedule, but there was no system in place to communicate those changes to employees or supervisors at other locations.

“With our previous scheduling method, the paper schedule would often need to be rewritten and replaced, which was time-consuming.” Kyle Heller


The department implemented ScheduleAnywhere as their staff scheduling solution, which eliminates paper schedules and streamlines the scheduling process. Everyone in the department can now access the most current schedule information anytime, anywhere. Employees can appear on multiple schedules, and supervisors can share schedules between divisions. This has helped prevent scheduling conflicts such as improper staffing levels and overlapping shifts. ScheduleAnywhere also helps supervisors fill open shifts since they can easily see if someone from another location is available. They can then send messages to individuals or a group of employees based on credentials, shift, skill, or availability. When scheduling changes are made, affected employees are notified, and the schedule is immediately updated. Now, everyone always has up-to-the-minute schedule access with ScheduleAnywhere’s free mobile app.

“The staff appreciates the ability to request time off remotely and access schedules from their mobile devices.” Kyle Heller

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