Success Story: Geauga Public Library System

June 16, 2023

Public Library System Simplifies Staff Scheduling with ScheduleAnywhere


The Geauga Public Library System includes seven library branches in Geauga County, Ohio, as well as a Mobile Service fleet that serves rural areas and community centers.


Managers at the Geauga County Public Library System were manually creating employee schedules on paper for each of their seven locations as well as their mobile services. This made it difficult to see where and when employees were scheduled across the library system and track who was scheduled in every department at each location. Employees needed to be at the library they were scheduled to get the most current schedule information, which was inconvenient and caused scheduling miscommunications. Additionally, the library was unable to retain an electronic history of employees’ schedules. This caused issues if someone forgot to punch in or out.

“Many of our staff members work part time, with rotating schedules, and some work in multiple locations. This made it difficult for supervisors to pinpoint who was working in each location.” Christine Reda


The library implemented ScheduleAnywhere as their staff scheduling solution, which eliminates paper schedules and allows everyone to see the most up-to-date schedule anytime, anywhere. Employees can appear on multiple schedules, and supervisors can share schedules between locations and departments. This has helped prevent scheduling conflicts such as inadequate service-point coverage, double-booking employees, and overlapping shifts. It has also helped when it comes to filling an open shift since managers can see if someone from another location is available. Managers also use the filter tool to quickly find employees with specific certifications or skills, so every service point is covered with the most qualified personnel. With the mobile app, employees can also see who is available to cover or swap a shift and can easily submit schedule requests online.

“Supervisors can add notes to the schedule, and they also can print their schedules if they choose to. Everyone likes how easy the software is to learn and use. I would definitely recommend ScheduleAnywhere to other libraries.” Christine Reda

Key Features & Benefits

ScheduleAnywhere monitors coverage by skill, position, shift, service point or location. Administrators can assign tasks to each shift, enter staffing requirements, and adjust staffing levels. Learn how ScheduleAnywhere is the ideal scheduling solution for libraries and library systems of all sizes, and request your free 30-day trial today.

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