June 22, 2023

Humanity Scheduling Made It Easier for Community Health Center to Achieve 5x Growth


Winding Waters was a much smaller organization at the time that it began exploring scheduling solutions. Even with 20 employees supporting a single location, building and managing schedules manually in Excel spreadsheets was no longer sustainable. At the time, the team was tracking hours and shifts in Excel and then printing staff schedules for the month on paper. In 2016, Winding Waters had too much complexity and moving pieces, and its scheduling method was becoming too time-consuming.

Winding Waters Community Health Center’s HR Officer Jessie Michaelson recounts how in the years since implementing Humanity Scheduling, Winding Waters has grown substantially. The 20-person single-location health center now has five locations, with a sixth opening this summer, and nearly 100 staff members.

Humanity Scheduling has made it easier for Winding Waters Community Health Center to grow to 5x our original scale. Managing 100 staff across five locations just would not have been possible using our original method of scheduling.

Despite Winding Waters’ significant growth, scheduling has never been easier.

With Humanity Scheduling, managers no longer need to create shift schedules by hand. Instead, they can duplicate the previous month’s schedule and have at-a-glance visibility into any slots that need to be filled. By toggling to the employee view, managers can also quickly double-check to ensure that staff haven’t been over or under-scheduled—visibility that just was not possible in spreadsheets. Overseeing leave management is also much easier using Humanity Scheduling. Managers have clear visibility into who is scheduled for time off and when.

“Our managers who were with Winding Waters when we were still using spreadsheets to manage scheduling love how much easier it is to make staff schedules and change schedules in real-time using Humanity.”

Scheduling is easier and more efficient, especially considering how frequently staff are swapping shifts. Keeping track of all the schedule changes in Excel,
and communicating those changes to staff, would just not be feasible.

Frontline staff also love how easy it is to view their schedule on the go from the mobile app in addition to being able to trade shifts with just a few taps on their phone. Humanity provides the transparency they need to see who is available for shift trades, and when requesting time off, they also understand the likelihood of approval as they now have visibility into who else has approved time off. Previously, the process was much more complicated and required manual approval.

If we still had spreadsheets to manage staff schedules and were using printout schedules, we would have big problems. Now that we have multiple locations, it’s critical that our staff have clear visibility into when and where they are working to avoid staff showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

As Winding Waters has grown, it’s been helpful to have a tool that provides automation around rules and scheduling. Humanity allows the health center to have a system in place to avoid labor law violations. “Using Humanity to manage scheduling has made a huge difference. Each department is now able to complete their staff schedules in just 1-2 hours per month.”

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