Success Story: Lansing Police Department

May 23, 2023

Lansing Police Department Cuts Scheduling Time with ScheduleAnywhere


Incorporated in 1893, the Village of Lansing, Illinois has a population of more than 27,000 residents. The Lansing Police Department maintains a staff of 57 full-time police officers, two part-time officers, 27 crossing guards, 16 full-time civilian staff members, two part-time community service officers, and four police cadets.


Administrators at the Village of Lansing, Ill. Police Department were using Excel spreadsheets to create staff schedules and then posting the paper schedule in the department. The master schedule was often misplaced, so administrators and staff members were unsure who was scheduled to work and if all shifts were properly covered. Changes to the schedule were done manually, which was a time-consuming and cumbersome process. Because the schedule was kept in the department, and communicating changes required multiple emails and phone calls, it was impossible to know whether each officer and employee had the most current schedule information. Maintaining minimum staffing levels was also a manual process, which required supervisors to continuously track and calculate staffing levels to ensure proper shift coverage to meet the department’s requirements.

“We used to have a paper schedule, which would get misplaced or lost. Manually updating and re-printing the schedule when changes were made was extremely time consuming.” Deputy Chief Steven Roberts


The Village of Lansing Police Department implemented ScheduleAnywhere officer and staff scheduling software. Administrators can manage the schedule, easily make changes, and review staffing needs anytime from any location. Employees can submit cover, swap, time-off and other schedule requests online, and administrators can accept or deny the request. When staffing changes are made, the schedule is automatically updated, and affected employees are notified. ScheduleAnywhere performs staffing calculations and administrators can instantly see whether there are too many or too few employees scheduled for each shift. This has saved administrators time and helped the department maintain proper staffing levels. Managers can now communicate with employees via the software’s integrated messaging system. Messages can be sent to individuals, all employees, or a select group of employees based on shift, skill, availability, or credentials to fill open shifts or communicate schedule needs.

“Our staff appreciates having online access to the schedule, and that they can request time off and request shift changes remotely.” Deputy Chief Steven Roberts

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