SUCCESS STORY: Maryland Department of Public Safety

December 13, 2022

Expediting an Enterprise-Level Workday Integration In Just 90 Days

Patchwork time-tracking systems and paper timecards had to go

The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) operates 27 correctional facilities and 45 parole and probation offices across the state with nearly 12,000 employees. DPSCS was using a patchwork combination of automated and manual time and attendance data collection that was proving to be too convoluted, error prone and simply outdated. They had trouble meeting everyday requirements for tracking time, providing accurate reporting and consistently applying time and attendance polices to meet state guidelines.

Kevin Combs, Chief Information Officer at DPSCS, began to research the sophisticated time and attendance systems being deployed among state governments and turned to TCP for an integrated time collection solution to use with Workday.

Combs stated DPSCS was having issues with their previous process of paper timecards which led to incorrect pay for employees, unpaid overtime, and delays in employees receiving pay. In addition, the paper timecards made it difficult for DPSCS to perform audits. It was time to level up their payroll processes with tech-based time and attendance solutions. Combs’s primary objectives were to make DPSCS current with proven technology, to ensure flexibility and reliability in the tracking and reporting solution he chose for Maryland’s time and labor strategy, and to implement the new solution quickly to alleviate payroll pressures.

TimeClock Plus’ flexible configurations are key to success

Combs and DPSCS conducted a thorough search of numerous vendors and ultimately selected TCP due to proven quality and success at meeting challenging deadlines. With a lofty goal of a 90-day turnaround time from kick off to full implementation, the TCP Professional Services team got right to work. As we do with every project like this, the team started by assessing the detailed needs of each player in the DPSCS labor ecosphere—quickly. The team also determined that an integration with DSPCS’s existing ERP, Workday, would be deployed to work in conjunction with resource planning.

Following best practices from the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the team began initial planning. The Maryland DPSCS project group got straight to work with the TCP implementation specialists to guide the project through an iteratively phased approach for on-time implementation. This process included extensive testing to ensure the implementation functioned as expected and didn’t interfere with any other systems.

As the team gathered information about DPSCS’s needs, they discovered that department heads required highly configurable job codes for their varied pay rules, leave management flexibility and accrual tracking, and a strategically configured scheduling application. TCP’s TimeClock Plus sofrware offers flexible configurations that allow organizations to set up job codes at a department or even individual level. This paved the way for DPSCS to successfully manage, control and apply their complex, state defined time and attendance policies.

The TCP team went above and beyond our expectations to ensure our success with their high professionalism and sensitivity to the situation.

Combs was excited to have a sophisticated system with the flexibility he was looking for in the time frame his organization needed. “The TimeClock Plus system performs all of the functions we were looking to accomplish in a simple but elegant way. We were guided through all of the steps necessary to deploy the new technology, and to ensure our on-time go-live.”

Within the 90-day target, TCP’s integration with Workday was fully implemented and providing the flexibility and resiliency that the DPSCS project required. It empowered DPSCS with a seamless, automated solution serving Workday real-time employee time tracking data for each departmental level. The team now measures value by the efficiency in which personnel can be managed via dashboard access to actionable information and by the speed at which payroll renders paychecks.

Combs spoke highly of TCP and their ability to get the job done. “The TCP team went above and beyond our expectations to ensure our success with their high professionalism and sensitivity to the situation. Overall, the move to TCP has been a significant improvement to the time and labor strategy of the State of Maryland DPSCS improving employee and manager communication, as well as streamlined and accurate payroll processes.”

Celebrating 30 years of business, TCP has continued to provide premier workforce management solutions by streamlining existing business processes and providing tools to enhance productivity. TCP meets the needs of customers by providing innovative software designed to help organizations reduce compliance risk, better manage labor costs and easily adapt to DOL requirements.

The TimeClock Plus system performs all of the functions we were looking to accomplish in a simple but elegant way.

Get ready to get time right.