Success Story: NHC Place at Cool Springs

May 23, 2023

NHC Place at Cool Springs Simplifies Staff Scheduling with ScheduleAnywhere


Established in 2004, NHC Place at Cool Springs is a 205-bed center which provides assisted living, orthopedic rehabilitation, end-of-life care, and a secure memory care unit for residents and patients. NHC Place at Cool Springs is part of National HealthCare Corporation, which has been providing senior care for almost 50 years. NHC operates healthcare facilities in ten states across the U.S., including 75 skilled nursing centers, 25 assisted living communities, and 35 homecare agencies. Other services include memory care, long-term care, pharmacies, hospitals, rehabilitation services, and management and accounting services to third parties.


Managers at NHC Place at Cool Springs were creating schedules for 159 employees using pencil and paper, and the schedules were posted in each department. Creating the schedule was a time-intensive process because for each new schedule, managers would have to re-enter repeated schedule information for every employee. They were also responsible for maintaining proper staffing levels, which required them to manually count the number of nurses on each shift. Not only was this time consuming, it also left the facility vulnerable to improper staffing numbers and unnecessary overtime.

Because the schedules were posted on site, employees did not have access to real-time schedules when they were not at work. When schedule changes were made, managers would update and repost the schedule, but there was no system in place to communicate those changes to employees and managers in other departments. This resulted in missed shifts and understaffing issues.


NHC Place at Cool Springs replaced their pen and paper scheduling method with ScheduleAnywhere employee scheduling software, which gives managers and employees 24/7 access to real-time schedules. The software allows managers to schedule multiple employees in one easy step, as well as copy schedules, so they don’t spend time re-entering repeating schedule information. They can also quickly access schedules for any date range.

With ScheduleAnywhere, employees can make time-off, swap, cover, and other schedule requests via ScheduleAnywhere’s mobile app, and managers can review and approve requests remotely. When changes are made, the schedule is automatically updated and anyone whose schedule was affected is notified. ScheduleAnywhere also performs staffing calculations based on each department’s specific requirements, and managers can see instantly whether they have too many or too few employees scheduled. This ensures compliance and reduces unnecessary overtime.

“We don’t have to worry about unnecessary overtime or improper staffing levels anymore. There is no room for scheduling errors with ScheduleAnywhere.” Christina Jones

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