Success Story: Oswego Health

May 23, 2023

Oswego Health Streamlines Scheduling with Nurse Scheduling Software


Founded in 1881, Oswego Health is a nonprofit health care system in Oswego County, NY. It includes Oswego Hospital, a 164-bed facility, as well as outpatient clinics located throughout the county, including Fulton Medical Center and Central Square Medical Center. Additionally, the health system operates The Manor at Seneca Hill, Springside at Seneca Hill, and Oswego Health Home Care.


Staffing coordinators at Oswego Health were creating and managing hospital employee schedules using Excel spreadsheets stored on the facility’s shared hard drive. Employees could only access current schedules from inside the hospital. This inconvenient system often meant employees did not have the most current schedule information. Additionally, because each schedule was a shared document, supervisors could not make changes if someone had the file open. Creating a new schedule each month was a time-consuming process which required the scheduler to copy and paste repeating schedule information. Manually tracking and inputting time off and other requests was also tedious.

To ensure proper staffing levels, managers had to review the schedule daily and count the number of employees working in each department for every shift. Managers were also responsible for ensuring each staff member was scheduled for the appropriate number of hours and that nurses were current on required classes and training. All the staffing calculations and ongoing schedule maintenance took supervisors away from managing day-to-day operations.

“With the old scheduling method, I would spend hours counting shifts and making sure there were no formatting errors.” Alissa Miceli


Oswego Health replaced the hospital’s spreadsheet-based system with ScheduleAnywhere healthcare staff scheduling software. Now all hospital employees can access real-time schedules 24/7, no matter where they are. Managers can create schedules and review staffing needs anytime, from any location. Schedules can be edited remotely, and managers no longer have to wait for someone else to close out a spreadsheet file first. When staffing changes are made, schedules are automatically updated, and affected employees are notified. Managers can schedule multiple employees in one easy step, and copy schedules or rotations, so they no longer waste time re-entering the same information.

ScheduleAnywhere performs staffing calculations, allowing managers to instantly see whether there are too many or too few employees scheduled for each shift. Managers can also adjust shift requirements to maintain proper staffing levels. To help ensure compliance, the software tracks employees’ skills, training, and certifications, and managers are automatically notified of upcoming expiration dates.

Employees can submit time-off, swap and cover requests -and managers can accept or deny them – using ScheduleAnywhere’s mobile app. Additionally, managers can send messages to all employees, individuals or a select group to fill open shifts when there is a shortage or someone calls out.

“With ScheduleAnywhere, I can see at a glance which shifts are properly covered and whether everyone is scheduled for the appropriate number of hours.” Alissa Miceli

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