Success Story: Sun Life Pharmacy

May 23, 2023

Pharmacy Cuts Time Spent on Staff Scheduling with ScheduleAnywhere


Located in Arizona, Sun Life Family Health Center is Pinal County’s largest primary care provider and was one of the first community health centers in the state to receive accreditation from the Joint Commission. Sun Life provides health services in family practice, dentistry, women’s health, pediatrics, diabetes education, and more. Sun Life Pharmacy has six area family practice offices, located in Apache Junction, Casa Grande, Florence, Eloy, Maricopa, and San Manuel, Arizona.


Administrators at the Sun Life Family health center in Casa Grande had been using scheduling software with limited capabilities. The system allowed managers to create schedules within the application, but they were unable to share the schedule online with other managers or employees. This meant the scheduler was required to email the schedule to employees or print the schedule and post it in the office. When changes were made to the schedule, the revised schedule was re-sent to employees and reprinted for posting internally. The previous scheduling software also did not facilitate schedule requests. Time-off and other schedule requests were submitted via email or telephone, and the scheduler was required to manually track and input them into the schedule each week. Requests were often missed, resulting in last-minute changes and improperly staffed shifts. Filling open shifts was also a manual process, requiring multiple phone calls, which was time consuming and inefficient. The pharmacy scheduler spent several hours creating the schedule each week, and additional time making schedule adjustments and ensuring everyone had access to the most current schedule.

“With our previous method, schedule requests were often missed. Not only was this frustrating for the staff, it also meant I was spending several hours per week making adjustments for time-off requests and callouts.” Jared Hatchard


Sun Life Pharmacy adopted ScheduleAnywhere as its staff scheduling solution, which has streamlined the scheduling process and gives everyone 24/7 access to real-time schedules. Ease of use and affordability were two factors that attracted the pharmacy to ScheduleAnywhere, and managers were quickly impressed with the software’s capabilities and the amount of time it saves them each week. With the new system, the schedule is posted online, and when changes are made, the schedule is automatically updated, and anyone whose schedule was affected is notified. Employees can submit cover, swap, and time-off requests; request additional hours; or communicate changes in availability. The appropriate manager is notified, and the request can be added to the schedule for easy reference. Managers can quickly see whether a request conflicts with previously scheduled shifts, and they can always see how many people are scheduled by position, shift, or skill. ScheduleAnywhere allows managers to communicate with staff to fill open shifts fast. Messages can be sent to individuals, all employees, or a select group based on shift, skill, or availability. For example, if a manager wants to communicate an open shift to only the pharmacy’s per diem employees, they can easily do so via ScheduleAnywhere’s integrated messaging system. The software also allows the scheduler to copy shifts, so he no longer wastes time entering repeating schedule information.

The integration process was smooth, and the staff learned quickly how to use the software. They appreciate the ability to submit requests and see real-time schedules anytime, from any location.” Jared Hatchard

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