Success Story: Talbot County Sheriff's Department

May 23, 2023

Sheriff's Department Improves Efficiency with ScheduleAnywhere


The Talbot County Sheriff’s Office is located on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay, approximately 90 minutes from both Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The county is comprised of five incorporated towns, including Easton, Oxford, Queen Anne, St. Michaels, and Trappe. The sheriff’s office provides professional law enforcement services, criminal investigation, school resources, a drug task force, and a K-9 unit.


Supervisors at the Talbot County Sheriff’s Department were using PC-based software to create and manage staff scheduling. Although the scheduling capabilities were sufficient, employees and administrators could not access real-time schedules when they were out of the office. This was inconvenient for deputies, who also were required to be in the office to make leave changes and schedule requests.

Schedule changes at the sheriff’s department are frequent; with the PC-based system, the schedule needed to be re-printed and re-posted daily. Revised schedules were also emailed to personnel, and additional follow up was required to ensure everyone was aware of schedule changes and had the most current schedule information.

To ensure payroll accuracy, the department’s administrative aid met with the captain weekly to compare pay sheets with the staff’s schedules. This was a time-consuming process that took the captain away from other core responsibilities.

“Previously, we had to re-print the schedule and email it out to the staff 10-15 times per week.” Captain Stephen Elliott


The sheriff’s department replaced its PC-based scheduling software with ScheduleAnywhere – a cloud-based scheduling system from Atlas Business Solutions. With the new system, everyone in the department can access the most current schedule information anytime, anywhere. Deputies can also submit leave changes and schedule requests, and administrators can accept or deny request via the mobile app. When schedule changes are made, affected employees are notified, and the schedule is immediately updated. Additionally, messages can be sent to individuals, all employees, or a select group based on titles, credentials, shift, skill, or availability.

The department’s administrative aid can now access staff schedules online to reconcile with weekly pay sheets. This streamlines the scheduling process and frees up the captain’s time. The software saves additional time by allowing administrators to create schedules for multiple employees at once, as well as copy schedules and rotations, so they don’t have to re-enter repeating schedule information.

“What took us hours each week with our previous system takes only seconds with ScheduleAnywhere.” Captain Stephen Elliott

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