Truman State University Dept. of Public Safety

May 23, 2023

Public Safety Officers Gain Anytime, Anywhere Access to Staff Schedules with ScheduleAnywhere


Truman State University’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) consists of three entities: the University Police Department, Parking Services and University Fleet Vehicles. In addition to providing emergency and non-emergency assistance to the Truman State community, DPS offers services including safety escorts, safekeeping for firearms and crime-prevention programs.


DPS administrators were creating employee schedules in spreadsheets and emailing them to officers and support staff. When schedule changes were made, the spreadsheets had to be updated manually and re-sent to employees. As a result, multiple schedules circulated at the same time, creating confusion over which version was the most recent. There was no system for notifying individual officers of schedule changes impacting them. Whenever a revised version went out, officers had to check to see if their schedule had been affected. The process was inefficient, and administrators could never be certain if all officers were aware of current schedule information. Additionally, there was no way to track when schedule changes occurred or who made them. This lack of accountability frustrated managers, officers, and staff.

“Schedule changes are frequent, so there were often many different copies of each schedule, and there was confusion over which was the most recent.” Sergeant Jeremy Cordray


The department replaced its spreadsheet scheduling system with ScheduleAnywhere employee scheduling software. Now everyone in the department can access the most current schedule information anytime, anywhere. Administrators can make last-minute changes remotely, and the schedule updates automatically. Any employee who is affected receives a notification, so managers have peace of mind knowing everyone has the most up-to-date schedule information.

The software also tracks who makes schedule changes and when. This feature has added a layer of accountability DPS was previously lacking. Additionally, ScheduleAnywhere allows managers to copy schedules and paste them to other dates or employees to build out future schedules without re-entering the same information repeatedly. Administrators can specify when schedules should be posted, so employees can only access the ones they are intended to see.

“We used to spend nearly six hours per week on scheduling. With ScheduleAnywhere, we have created the schedule in advance and it only takes minutes to make changes.” Sergeant Jeremy Cordray

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