Success Story: Warrensburg Police Department

May 23, 2023

Warrensburg Police Officers Gain Anytime, Anywhere Access to Staff Schedules with ScheduleAnywhere


The Warrensburg, Missouri Police Department is a full-service department with three divisions: Administrative, Patrol, and Criminal Investigations. Through partnerships with the community, the University of Central Missouri, and the Whiteman Air Force Base, it is the mission of the Warrensburg Police Department to make Warrensburg a safe community.


Schedulers at the Warrensburg Police Department were creating and managing schedules using an Excel spreadsheet, which was a time-intensive process. The schedule was posted in the department and emailed to other departments such as the dispatch center. When changes were made to the schedule, it had to be re-printed and reposted as well as emailed to the other departments. This made it impossible for administrators to know whether officers and other personnel had the most current schedule information. Because the process was so time consuming, schedules were only created 8 weeks in advance. Officers did not know whether time-off requests beyond the 8-week schedule would be approved, and it was difficult for them to plan for vacations and other important events. The police department tried using an online scheduling tool, but the system was not cost-effective or user friendly, and it did not include a mobile app.

“Our previous scheduling process was time consuming and cumbersome for the scheduler and inconvenient for officers.” Chief Rich Lockhart


Administrators at the Warrensburg Police Department implemented ScheduleAnywhere officer and staff scheduling software, which is affordable, easy to use, and includes a free mobile app. Now, officers can see up-to-the-minute schedules, and administrators can manage staffing needs anytime, anywhere. When changes are made, the schedule is automatically updated and affected employees are notified. Schedules can be shared with other departments, so administrators have peace of mind knowing everyone has the most current schedule information.

ScheduleAnywhere allows supervisors to create schedules for any time frame and easily copy schedule patterns and rotations. This means officers can see whether time-off requests have been approved and when they are working months ahead of time. Additionally, the software has significantly reduced the time spent on scheduling and makes it easy for officers to submit schedule requests and trade shifts.

“ScheduleAnywhere is the perfect solution for scheduling. It was easy to learn, and it’s easy to use.” Chief Rich Lockhart

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