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July 7, 2023

How Time, Attendance & Scheduling Solutions Boost Transparency In Government & Public Safety

About This Resource

In state and local government, you must answer to a broad range of stakeholders. You have constituents who want quality services and evidence that their tax dollars are being spent responsibly. You also have to comply with reporting and other requirements set by regulatory bodies at the state and federal level. And, lastly, to ensure you have the people you need to perform government services, you need to meet the needs and expectations of your employees.

Increasing transparency with your many stakeholders isn’t just a matter of speaking with honesty and being responsive to questions and concerns as they arise. You also need the tools required to gather, store, and report data, making it more accessible to those who need it.

Time, attendance, and scheduling software provides you with the capability to manage critical information for time tracking and employee scheduling. It also offers greater visibility into the drivers of labor costs, enabling better decision making around scheduling, overtime, and overall staffing levels.

In this eBook, discover how important transparency is to the effective running of your government operations, and how time, attendance, and scheduling technology provides the data you need to offer true transparency expected from your agency.

Get ready to get time right.