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Helping state governments and small volunteer agencies alike improve efficiency and employee experiences while cutting costs and compliance risk


Automated solutions for optimized workflows and happier employees

How do you meet every department’s time, attendance, and scheduling needs while maintaining standardized, efficient business processes? TCP automates time tracking and employee scheduling, so you can serve each department while offering employees ease and efficiency, keeping budgets on track, and minimizing compliance exposure.

Keep every department running smoothly

efficient business processes

Drive efficient business processes

Swap time-consuming manual tasks and ineffective software for automated workflows that improve service delivery and accuracy.

better employee experiences

Improve transparency and employee experiences

Become an employer of choice with fair and transparent leave processes, easy time collection, and 24/7 self-service access to schedules and accruals.


Mitigate compliance risk

Adhere to labor laws, union rules, and minimum staffing requirements to eliminate issues that drain budgets and play out in the public eye.

Control costs

Control costs

Protect taxpayer dollars by improving payroll and scheduling accuracy, controlling overtime, and eliminating time theft.


Balance departmental nuance with centralized reporting needs

Configure our time tracking and scheduling solutions to match each department’s shift and wage structures, overtime rules, and leave policies, while still attaining centralized visibility.


Rest easy with proper public safety coverage

Ensure the right staff are scheduled on every shift for optimal community services and protection coverage.

Automated solutions for government and public safety


Time and attendance

Automated time tracking with highly configurable time collection options


Dynamic employee scheduling

AI-powered forecasting and automated scheduling for general government


Public safety employee scheduling

Dedicated scheduling tools aligned to the requirements of public safety

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"I love TCP. It took my payroll from three days processing time down to one day! It is so easy to navigate and make changes if necessary.”

Shannon K., Business Manager/District Clerk, G2 Reviews

Ready to improve payroll accuracy by up to 99%?

Meet each department’s needs

When you get time right, everyone’s job is easier, freeing them to focus on other priorities. Here’s how we can help your leadership team.


Payroll director

  • How can I quickly and accurately process payroll across each department's rules?
  • How do we accurately send hours to our payroll system?

Chief HR officer

  • How can we support compliance and improve visibility into employee events under FMLA?

Chief financial officer/treasurer

  • How can we stay on budget and increase transparency?

Chief technology officer

  • How can we securely integrate with our ERP/HCM to eliminate double entry and human error?

Public safety command

  • How do I know I have the right staff in the right place at the right time?

Committed to serving those who serve others

Learn more about how we support public safety agencies like yours.

Fire and Rescue

Fire and rescue

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement

Emergency Comms

Emergency communication centers

Award-winning solutions

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Proven implementations and 24/7 live customer support

Everyone is different. We get that. From onboarding to training to ongoing support, we're here to mold your TCP solution to fit your exact needs.

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Customer satisfaction score

Using it for employee and supervisor approvals. TimeClock Plus is quick and easy to use! Being able to switch between employee timesheets easily and quickly to approve or deny is great! It is also fast and efficient when filling out your time in the office. Also the mobile app works well too!

Verified User in Government Administration
G2 Reviews

Humanity allows us to see who is working anytime/anywhere as a live schedule. As our staffing needs and offsite facilities grew, it became too difficult to manage through Excel spreadsheets. It has virtually eliminated frantic, last minute shift coverage as we cover our shifts much faster with much less effort. The ability for staff to pick up shifts on the fly his a huge perk with our 17-25 year old staff group. They also love the app!

Amanda W.
Aquatic Leader
G2 Reviews

Before Aladtec, I used a spreadsheet and a book (i.e., pen and paper) and contacted employees by phone or text. With Aladtec, no more paper and pen or using my phone to reach employees. Sending out coverage alerts to all or only a select few employees with just a few clicks is probably one of my favorite features. The flexibility of the platform and the superb customer support must also be noted!

Marty C.
Operations Manager
G2 Reviews

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